Monday, March 8, 2010

Rushing Toward an Unknown RV Boondocking Future! Hoo! Ya!

The last 10 or 12 days have been such a "stampede" we're not real sure whether we're comin' or goin'! :o)

The one thing we do know is... the vise that'd been clamped on our chests... is gone! Still wonderin' 'bout where the future'll lead us... but we're moving!... There ain't no corral fence 'round us, penning us in any more! That sucker is fire wood! Hoo! Ya!

As much as I'd like to just hitch up  the Jayco and haul on out of here... we got some more re-building and re-organizing to get done... but... now, ever'thing we do is building on what went before... not just a struggle to hang on and keep afloat! Suh-Wheet!

The future might be 'scary'... but it's a good kind of Scary... like when your kid jumps out of the closet to make you jump... the exciting 'scary' of something new and unknown.

The fun thing is that now... when Heidi and I talk... it's to make a decision about; "Do we do this? or do that?... NOW!"... not the; "Once the house sells... maybe we could's"...

The only obstruction to us now is US! ... uh oh... I may be in trouble! :o) I'm often one of those fellers who can screw up a concrete slab with a rubber hammer!

Naw... really, each day is now so much closer to belonging to Just Us that I know, for sure and for certain, that Heidi and I are, for Us, on the right trail... The Sun is brighter... even on the cloudy days!

Though my hours at the Hardware store got cut to near nothin' a few weeks back... they're adding hours back in already... and with the house sale removing that burden, we'd gone solid into the black without the hardware job... so we continue to 'build' and get things done...

With the hours coming back a bit... and with how my websites/writing are doing... I'm as giddy as the schoolboy at his first dance! 

We're looking at operating pretty much as we are, at least into the late spring/early summer... We'll get the RV Remodel finished, get our re-organizing buttoned up... and then...

... and then...

...and then! :o)

The Boss only knows! :o)

But whatever we do... and wherever we end up... this ride is finally taking on a shine for us like a fresh minted silver dollar!

The point is... not long ago, we were truly worried that our dreams were circling the drain... that all the effort had been for nuthin'... that no matter how hard we worked and sacrificed... we were slowly sinking... but you, and all our other Friends kept us goin'... kept us afloat...

and NOW... we're harvesting the Suh-Wheet! benefits of the Faith ya'll helped sustain...

So... YOU... Keep the Faith!

Heidi and I are makin' it to Shining Times! So can you... Just be honest with yourselves... be realistic, a bit pragmatic... and most of all...

Don't allow your Dreams to die...
Build the Foundations Under Your Castles in the Sky!
Keep 'em Flying!

Take Good Care

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Ken and Nanette said...

Brian -- isn't it amazing how fast thing change once a roadblock is knocked down?

As you said the entire conversation changes.

I suspect you will being making a lot of decisions -- the difference is -- the decisions you make now are directly related to LIVING your dream -- not just about WHEN YOU CAN START living your dream!

Nanette and I are so happy for you -- and posts like this one remind us why.

Ken and Nanette

Myrddin said...

I'm really happy for you guys. It's been a long haul for you and the road has had some really big bumps in it, but it should be much smoother from here to that rainbow.

Keep reachin' for it. You'll get there.