Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thanks to Gov. Ritter, I'll be Doing a lil' Website Housecleaning Later This Week...

Seems the Intelligent fools down in Denver thought they'd "fix" a few things recently...

The State legislature passed a bill... and that bozo of a Governor we have, signed it... an internet tax bill, that adds such a significant burden onto business that one of the major "Businesses" in question quit! Now THAT's a fine example of Gov't creating jobs ain't it?

Received notification from Amazon yesterday that my account with them has been closed... Because; I live and publish... in Colorado.

So, in their infinite wisdom... those fool politicos... trying to squeeze some more blood out of the turnip... to insure their salaries and pensions... killed the golden goose!

Not only do they now, NOT get any new tax revenue (of which they already get far too much) but now... the people who were making income... which the state WAS able to tax ... are making ZERO! So the fools effectively caused the 'Layoff' of MORE people... rather than 'job creation'... and have even less ill gotten gain than when they came up with the cock-a-maime idea in the first place!

Don't it make you feel good about the future! :o)... to know that the captain of your cruise boat... SANK the last four boats he took out? :o)

So... the housecleaning I'll be doing is the removing of the "Bookstore" and "General Store"... since they are pretty much all Amazon supplied... and Amazon doesn't advertise through Colorado based publishers any more... and I can't blame 'em...

It doesn't hurt me much... that part of the site has never done a whole lot... but I know there are people who have had a very great part of their income removed by the blind foolishness of gov't...  

When will gov't... or the people for that matter,  learn that gov't creates nothing? That the Only way it can help create job activity is to get the hell out of the way?... That taxing business only obstructs it, making it ever more difficult to earn a living? ... maybe one day... 

uh... guess who pays taxes on business?... think "Cost"... as in "Cost + Profit = Retail Price"... The consumer pays ALL taxes on business... every penny.

Bye Bye Amazon... Thank you Gov. Ritter... ya Bozo.

Oh Well? I'll just go fishin'! Tell my stories... and laugh at politicians that think they're a benefit to anybody... :o) ... and in a few short months... Heidi an' I will be RV Boondocking the Good Life... and it won't matter one lil' bit! Hoo! Ya!

Take Good Care

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Sharlotte Cain said...

Hey Brian my friend
Why not drive over the Kansas line and rent a box so that can be your address and get back with Amazon? I was looking forward to the next instLlment of your adventures just waiting until you publish it

Brian said...

No worries Sharlotte! :o) ... those stories/writings... which I actually have planned :o) - I'll publish all by my lonesome... and go by way of Paypal! :o)...

Don said...

Jeez! Isn't that just like a new law; I swear the legislatures (both Federal and State) could screw up a wet dream. Glad it isn't a big deal to you but I'm sure you are right that it's a killer to some folks.

Nice looking 'new' truck you've got there. I see one much like it towing a gooseneck trailer loaded with bags of sand over from Vegas almost every day. They are tough trucks and that one is sure working for a living. I'm sure yours will give you the same excellent service. Take care!

Brian said...

Yeah... I've got plans for that Ol' Shifter... :o) sittin' here makin' up a long list for his "rejuvenation" :o)

... Hmmmm... maybe I should lock down the 5er rebuild first? :o)