Saturday, March 27, 2010

RV Boondocking Communication... With Another Gadget! :o)

I swear... this electronic generation thing has GOT to be some sort of a virus infection! and chronic!... Once ya got it... you're done... The "Electronic Gadgets" just keep hookin' on to you... and I gotta tell ya... this Electric Cowboy... is punched full of holes... by "electronic hooks"! :o)

I've been toying for quite some lil' while about one of those relatively new mini laptops... My problem with 'em has always been a sensation 'tween my ears of a real lack of any significant difference, other than being smaller and a lot less capable... Then, when my daughter got one... her other half got it all virused up with some nasty stuff... and the cost to fix that was gonna be more than a new lil' mini laptop...

The driving force in my 'cogitation' on it has been that it would be kinda nice to have a device for posting to my blogs... from the road... especially when, we/I, am Splittin' the Wind on  a Motorcycle :o) Especially that new asphalt munchin' Yamaha Raider!

Well sir... as of yesterday afternoon... my cogitatin' is done... and now a nigh on to vertical learning curve is whackin' me on the brain pan... Heidi and I swapped out our cell phones for Motorola DROIDS...

She dumped her Blackberry Storm, that she couldn't be unhappier with, and I swapped out a plain Ol' lil' cell phone... and we got Motorola DROIDS.

I swear, this thing is like havin' an electronic smart alec in your pocket... it talks to you, listens to you... as in voice commands... has a GPS that shows you a photograph of your next turn... reminds you of appointments... with emails! ... tells you if your pictures are hung level... sings music to you... and... for me... can email posts to my blogs... along with a couple thousand other things that I can't see that I'll have any interest in... yet! :o)

'Course... this Ol' buster is gonna have to learn to saddle That Bronc first... and this is... one... tall... Bronc! For a fella like me, like I said, the "learning curve" is dang near vertical. :o)

Heidi got sick of all the "issues" she  had with her Blackberry Storm... we tried these Droids out last week and she found the touch screen to be pretty much equivalent to the Iphone... and with Google backing this system... you don't have to pay for ever'thing... Google is far more about providing, in my experience, more service for the monthly subscription you're already paying... than Apple...

That's been one of my 'issues' with a lot of what Apple does... just about anything you want to add... costs another buck or two... nickle and dime ya...

Google... again, in My experience, adds on 'accessories'... as a benefit of paying your monthly "maintenance cost".

It's all in how you look at things I guess...

anyhoo... I now have a pocket sized electronic gadget, from which I can post to my blogs... whenever I want and from wherever I am... without the need to carry a laptop along... This lil' phone can ride in my pocket... no need to find a safe place to stuff it in a saddle bag!

Before we even pulled out for town, yesterday morning, I got a hold of the Bitchn Stitchn Motorcycle Seat Shop, down in Lakewood, Colorado. The purpose was to line up an appointment for Heidi and me, to go on down there, the middle of April; to get her a custom, motorcycle touring seat, built for her position on our Yamaha Raider...

Ya Gotta take care of the Queen!... if she ain't comfortable straddlin' that machine...  ya'll ain't gonna spend a lot of miles... Splittin' the Wind!... other than ALONE!

Well Sir... I gotta go do some first aid... and try to plug up some of those rips in my hide... from all those hooks... and try to figure out the hows and wherefor's of roping this new "Gadget" onto my blogs! :o)

Take Good Care

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