Sunday, March 28, 2010

Posting by Email From My New Droid Cell Phone!

,I've got a learning curve to master, but this seems like a doable deal, even on this tiny lil' keyboard... with clubs for thumbs!
I've still got to learn all the lil' details, but it appears, pretty "for sure and for certain", I'll be able to make yondering posts, on the go, without having to haul a laptop along! Just this awesome Droid phone!
And! I do believe I've figured out how to attach pics too!
That view pic is a 'test' pic that's our current view from the door of the Eagle.
Take Good Care


Anonymous said...

Looks like you got a pic of a grandbaby in there, too!

Brian said...

Yeah, but that's an old one :)

Sharlotte campmacon said...

Good job Brian,
Now you can just walk around and anything you see, shoot it and ship it out. LOL
I think even the old ones are precious. She sure is a cutie.