Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Big Blow?... Well ... For a Lil' Bit...

When I stepped out of the Eagle yesterday I ... almost... decided to ride the Raider. Looking south I could still see blue sky. But, the weather boys were all talking in excited tones, gigglin' like school boys about kissin' a girl...

Their excitement was a little higher than last time... so I calculated that they might be closer to right.

Well, sort of. It snowed up here, and snowed hard for a while. Right about the time I'd be rollin' home... So 'twas a good choice to leave the Red Raider tucked under her cover.

How-some-ever, it stopped last night... though they were claiming it'd keep on keepin' on all through today... So maybe 3 inches of wet, heavy, sloppy, pain in the kiester, sets you to wishin' you were a goodly ways south, parked out deep in the Sonoran Desert... semi-liquid sunshine plopped down on us...

That wet slushy junk made for slower goin' comin' home last night. As always, the problem ain't the road condition itself. That only requires that you slow down some and concentrate on your driving a little harder.

Nope... the problem is mostly the drivers that ain't got a single clue. Not one lil' twitch of an idea... How to drive in the snow! :o) ... Now there's something that would truly do something for people! 'Stead of chasing "Snipes" with the phony health care dog an' pony show... they could enact Mandatory Driver Training! :o)

Anyhoo, those drivers (that should be passengers), are either sluggin' along, maybe 6 miles an hour, an' corkin' things up... or shakin' their fists an' hollerin' out the window; "I've got 4 wheel drive!" and slammin' past you, goin' 10 miles over the sunny day speed limit... Last night That feller had Arizona plates on his truck... hmmm... that's a comforting thought... ain't it?

I mean, growin' up in Tucson... I got a LOT of experience... driving on Snow! :o)

More often than not... you find the "I"ve got 4 wheel drive!" screamers... layin' on the passenger door in the Bar Ditch... a few miles up the road... Makes me giggle when I see a shiny case of "come-uppance".

No such luck last night... at least not 'fore I turned off.

Ok... Bad Cowboy! No Beer! ;o)

Those new tires on the Old Dodge did the job... though once I turned on to that last mile an' a half of wet, slushy, sloppy, snow covered dirt road... the truck acted more like a boat floatin' around in the mud than a truck :o)

Heidi's all upset 'cause she was lookin' forward to just leavin' her store closed... and callin' it a "Snow Day"... Now she has to go on and go in... 'cause it didn't snow hard enough... :o(

Hmm... most of the schools are closed... so all those kids... old enough to drive... and their teachers... who can't go to school 'cause the "Roads are Bad" and the school buses can't run... will be pluggin' the roads west... Driving up to the ski slopes! :o)

Lot's of projects planned for as soon as this "Spring Weather" finally breaks and I can get outside work done on the rig... In the mean time, We are planning, and working hard... but covertly, on all the other necessary things, so Murphy's law don't find out... shhhhh ... :o)

Mid summer is what we're workin' toward. That's when we hope to open the door, hitch up, give a wave an' a big sloppy kiss to that "Old Life"... and Crack Out!

We'll make a few small circles prior to that... scratchin' itches and easing that ache for Far Country. I've also got one "Long Held Motorcycle Dream" I'm hangin' on to, that I hope to satisfy... this year... It's all within' reach... If we streeeeetch juuust a mite... It's right there... and we're a comin'!

Take Good Care

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Sharlotte -- campmacon said...

Just got back home from Toledo Bend (12 days) We enjoyed the camping. Even got snowed on Sunday. They could have kept all that wet stuff as far as I am concerned. Caught up on your posts and am excited about your progress toward cutting loose. We will be doing the same as soon as we get this wedding over with. Heading out to Ohio to bird the warblers for 2 weeks. Always wanted to go and never have been, but am going this year. Keep up the good plans and keep all of us who follow you informed about the way things are falling in place for you.

Brian said...

Sharlotte! I missed you! My eyes were gettin' empty, not seein' your comments! :o) started wonderin' some... glad you had a good time... This year is startin' out like I've had the feeling it would... It is gonna be a humdinger of a banner year... Hard Times can be the "Best" times... if we don't sit our butts in the way! :o)