Sunday, December 4, 2016

Installation of Solar Power on My Lakota LQ!

That installation is making good progress... even if I do sit at the desk working on the book until way late in the morning__to give the sun plenty of time to chase off the cold from the desert night! 😆

Since I've no compartments up front where I could safely mount the Controller and breaker panel I had to track down a usable enclosure - and modify that with ventilation.

Since the enclosure is needed to keep the weather off the electronics, I'm hoping my ventilation fabrication doesn't fail me. ;)

I simply drilled grids of holes and then capped those with electrical boxes drilled in a similar fashion.
That I mounted under the goose...then managed to hoist the 270 watt Kyocera panel up onto the roof and got it secured to the roof bows.

Finished that off with a heavy application of Dicor self leveling sealant over the mounting brackets. That stuff will prohibit any leaks and serve as a secondary mechanical hold as well.

All the pieces are now mounted in place... well all except the remote monitor...

All that's left now is to get it all wired up and my Horse Camp solar power system will be up and running!

Future plans are to double my battery capacity and figure out somewhere to hook in a decent sized inverter.

Would be nice to be able to fire up the coffee maker without having to run the generator...
I figure to need at least a 1500 watt unit to do that chore. 

But it's all good. Steady progress comin' along on all fronts... If I can just get that elusive "Rider" locked down I'll be a happy buster.



The Furry Gnome said...

Sounds like progress!

our awesome travels said...

Looking like are soon ready enjoy the quiet times without the generator.