Thursday, February 25, 2016

Pruning a Few Parts Off, Healing Up the Broke Parts and Hanging a New One Here and There...

Checked off another VA appointment in Cheyenne yesterday; A recheck from the poke and prod of last summer... they bobbed a chunk then and a couple more yesterday. At this rate, if they keep that up, there won't be a lot left filling out my jeans!

Today replacement of the tire that got ruined in the asphalt dance last Friday is on the schedule. Discount Tire (Or America's Tire depending on your location) has stepped up once again. Absolutely the best tire company around. I walked in the other day and joking I asked if Colorado's drivers classified as a "Road Hazard" under their tire warranty.

They looked at the tire... And... that's exactly what they're doing! Yep, gonna cover the tire under their Road Hazard warranty. How cool is that? They had to order in the model of tire I have so today that'll get hung on a wheel.

Not sure when I'll pull east. Monday or Tuesday maybe. No terrible hurry. Eight hundred miles and a bit... for I don't know how long. Likely I'll haul out again when the itch gets intolerable.

Kind of have a Montana summer in mind working on another book or two... parked some'eres up under the divide maybe. But then, ever' time I plan a thing out... so maybe I should just drift where the wind blows me.

...maybe work another harvest in the fall to help recover from this past year of stumbles.

Return to Cochise in the fall?

Just dust in a gypsy wind
- Brian


Pam & Pete said...

Brian How is your dog doing. Have not seen a mention of him lately? Hang in there, things will get better


Unknown said...

Sounds like getting that new tire free has improved your spirits a little. Montana is nice. I think you should do the 'as the wind blows you' kind of traveling. It suits you. Relaxing and writing and healing up...yup, sounds like a nice, loose plan. Gotta fool with Murphy by keeping him off balance.

MOES PLACE said...

If you come my way in Montana you will have to look me up. I live in Roundup. Best of luck to you in your adventures.

Unknown said...

Morning sir, nothing like a good stiff cup of coffee to get the day going. Things to do.

Kay and Russ Wallace said...

Really come East! Visit us in New England this summer. Don't make me track you down next Summer. :) I retire in September and only then will I
become free to move about the country. Russ of Kay and Russ

Unknown said...

You still alive? Two weeks without a post is unusual for a talker like you.