Friday, February 5, 2016

Cowboy Choreographing...

When you're Camped out on the desert some things can be a bit of a dance to get accomplished. Never thought of my self as a dance instructor... but... that's kinda what this is. A half dozen moving parts that seem to want to go fourteen different directions.

Sort of like teaching an epileptic Octopus to dance.

The Truck needs to go to a shop in Wilcox to get the transmission swap done. The Horses need water. A rental car is reserved in Tucson... and the remanufactured tranny is up near Phoenix.

Me? I'm 35 miles or there-a-bouts outside of Wilcox...

It's like a giant jigsaw puzzle with pieces made of balsa wood that you have to shuffle around and hold in place while a gale force wind exposes the faults in your planning.

With a suggestion or two from some others I managed to find the car in Tucson. So... late Sunday I'll haul water and get all my troughs and jugs filled.

Then, Monday morning just after sunrise I'll drop the truck at the Wilcox shop to get things started. I've got a ride arranged that'll  gather me up for a ride to Tucson to pick up the rental car.

As soon as the busted transmission is pulled and the Buckeye shop calls me that the new machinery is ready I'll go back for the broke one in Wilcox. That gets hauled with me when I pick up its replacement... That saves the shipping back and forth (which fitting into my tight time frame was unavailable anyway) ... and also the $600 core charge the remanufacturer charges until they receive the core.

Then, hoping they get it all back together quickly, before the end of the week!... I'll roll by the shop and pay 'em for the work... then roll the rental car back to Tucson where they'll carry me to the bus station so I can ride the old fashioned way back to Wilcox to get my repaired truck.

Yeah, unlimited mileage rental cars and Greyhound busses can be blessings in disguise.

Another few days after that and the colts move along if that plan holds... and then I'll leave here for quite some time.

Honestly the thought of getting as far east/north as Missouri for what's left of the winter has little appeal... so it's likely I'll drag my feet some. There's a few soft camps here in Arizona where I could lay up in a decent situation with water and such... maybe get my head into doing some decent work on another book...

Have to get to doin' a good bit of work to repay the piper for this latest gypsy dance.

... At the least I can start cooling out from the trials of  whatever it is that's been whuppin' on me the past few months.

Duckin' an' Runnin'
- Brian


Unknown said...

Hi Brian;
Glad things appear to be lining up for a change.

The Furry Gnome said...

Sounds like a plan. Hope it works.

Scott and Lora said...

I recently found your blog. I was torn between starting from the beginning or the end. True to form, I hit it from both ends just to see where it took me. I could keep busy for quite some time catching up, which I will, but I just wanted to take a second and let you know that I appreciate your ramblings.
It looks like we have property in the same county. We've got a parcel about 12 miles north of Douglas. It's raw and untouched, except for the cattle that roam through. We have yet to decide what to do with it. We love boondocking and that area makes for great simple living.
I truly enjoy your writing style. You obviously are a very complex person, but the way in which you express yourself is so down to earth. It appears as though life has not been easy for you, but somehow you find the stregnth and courage to push through. That is a quality that is sorely lacking in this country. I hope you don't mind me saying, but you ought to be pretty proud of your ability to perservere through so many shitstorms. I truly hope that you keep on keeping on.
I notice that you don't interact much with folks who comment and that tells me that you put your thoughts out here mostly to have some constructive outlet. I do hope you read this comment though and know that you are appreciated for what you are doing. Of course I could be out to lunch, but the appreciation is there all the same.

Brian said...

Mike, Furry and Cindy; Many Thanks.
Scott; Appreciation is possibly the best words a person can hear... To be appreciated is fuel to keep on trying