Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sugar Beets and Montana Colts.

Settled in at the fairgrounds now over to Sidney. Worked the first night of the harvest in my "short term" job in the Quality Lab. I'm training up a gal to run the scale... since I'm not going to be able to do that this year once the harvest starts in earnest on Sunday.

Left my BLM camp and rolled to the Cabelas in Billings. Figured I'd go inside and buy some "Lil" thing so  could get use of the Dump Station for free.

#1 - I have a cabelas card so it would have been free anyway... sheesh. annnnd #2 - buying boots and a shirt to save the five bucks to dump is the sort of math you learn from modern public educashun. :-/

But with some fresh gear I moved on find a wally world camp for the night in Miles city.

Next day took me to looking at a horse a ways above Glendive, Montana. She was in the far out and wild "Plains" of eastern Montana.

Took about an hour to find her bunch out on a section pasture. The colts had divided into three bunches and hers was the craftiest at staying out of sight for a while. They'd brushed up in the bottom of a pretty deep creek bottom. Wasn't till we rolled around the other side that we could spot 'em down below.

Those unbroke/half broke young horses, filly or colt, I pretty much call 'em all colts. This one is a young horse I think has a lot of potential... and will be one of my winter projects this year. She's got a very few saddles on her so it should be a busy winter what with all I've got planned...

She's locked down and waiting for the end of Harvest over by Circle... then... there's another I really want to take a look at... but she's over in South Dakota. It's a bit of a gamble... but if she's still on the ranch come the end of harvest there's a real good chance I'll go try and put her in the trailer to haul south too.

*The first Montana Filly*

*Last sunset on the Yellowstone*

*September snow in Montana*

*Storm over Montana*
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Gotta go get ready to work the lab now so we'll talk at you later.



Jeff and Lori said...

Why that's a nice lookin' buck Mister Dillon!

mike clark said...

That is a mighty fine looking filly, hope it turns out well.

Sharlotte said...

hey Brian, how is everything going for you? Hope you are fine.