Friday, February 13, 2015

Here We Go Again...

Kinda stuck in a hole for a bit. Been trying for three days to put up a post. But the vaunted technology of Verizon hasn't been up to the task.

They seem little concerned. My money is locked in for the forseeable future... and they know, poor as their service is... ever'body else's is worse. So they do nada.

The air card won't stay hooked up. They say it's just a "bad spot" where I'm at. Not the jetpack.
Hmmm... really? Then explain why this overpriced under performing phone can operate in the same exact location?

Yeah... they already have the money soooo... :-/

On occasion I guess I'll email in a post from the phone... unless/until Verizon chooses to back it's marketing hooey.

Till then I'll just keep on sucking down coffee and building the next book.

After multiple tries slogging through there oh so helpful automatic phone system... I finally managed to get to the right gal... who led by by phone to the place buried deep in the computer... where somebodies update... be it Verizon or Microdud... landed an update that flipped a switch best left un-switched... arrrrgggghhhhh. and things are once again working... 

... so I believe I'll just turn the dang thing off and go kick a pig... and hope the buggers in silicone valley will stop with the updates to improve things... that only dig the hole deeper!


KarenInTheWoods said...

Yup, I was gonna suggest do an update and get the current version.... glad it is working now!

KarenInTheWoods​ and Steveio​
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Fred Z said...

Die verizon!
They are useless and charge an arm and a leg to continue their uselessness.
Good life and best wishes.
Be well.

Unknown said...

Maybe look for a property out in the boonies with an existing septic, well and driveway. Doesn't matter if the house is gone, might even have some remaining outbuilding and permits shouldn't be a prerequisite
I hear ya regarding the "king's thugs".