Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Good Light and Inspiration abounds on the Tonto

Just to the west is Four Peaks in the Mazatzal Range and Wilderness... Turn the other way and climb over that range and you drop into the Tonto Basin... Home of the Pleasant Valley War.

Like most legends... the story is one thing... the truth is often something else...

Had two days of rain... Twelve hours without letup the first night... made it a mite damp 'round here.

Which was ok... left me lil' excuse but to climb inside my head and write... which I did to the tune of something over 15,000 words in the matter of three or four days...

Odd it it... I can get locked up into a spinning storm inside my head for months... unable to form a sentence I like... and then... in the right place at the right time... they come streaming along faster than I can scribble 'em down... ok... type 'em. ;)

Somehow ths Tonto country has a good affect on me though... Probably 'cuz I'll always consider it Home.  Too bad the price of dirt round-a-bouts is more precious than gold... of which I have none!

But... it still graces me with the inspiration to spin my yarns... this one now is near complete... it'll be buttoned up before mid week I'd guess... then, I'm likely to get started on #6 while I continue to labor through the editing process of Ol' #5.

Here's just a few of the visions available to a rider hiding out on the Tonto...

*Sunrises over Roosevelt*

*Storms over the Desert*

*Western Light Over Four Peaks*

*Toward the Tonto*

*Arizona Sunsets*

It's Back to the "writing shed" for me...

P.S. Well... with another 1820 words that flew onto the page "The Horsemen" is a completed story. It's the third in the Jeb Taylor story. The editing, polish rewriting and Cover work should be done for a Publishing date sometime mid to late January I expect. If you've not read any of the story - and want to - you can collect the FREE First story; "A Matter of Honor" at Amazon or Barnes and Noble and almost every other E-book retailer.

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sounds like a good and productive place.
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