Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Sugar Beet Harvest of 2014 is Nearing The End

The weather has held and the work's getting done. You never know for sure and for certain until the people with the power tell you they've pulled the plug... but it's looking like the first of the week will see the end of the harvest.

Sometime next week, Monday through Wednesday or so... we'll be rolling back south.

The toughest part this year has been in the Quality Lab at night. The first few nights saw the highest volume of samples to process... along with some sort of equipment scramble pretty near every night for the whole harvest that has obstructed getting the work done.

Yup... a few of these nights with Beet dumps, water pumps, lab machines and other "equipment challenges" making us adjust... it's been a bit of a challenge to keep on keepin' on... but that's the nice thing about that... when you look back at what you've overcome... difficulties ahead of you seem a bit less threatening.

...Then there was a bit of... ahem... interpersonal drama to keep things interesting.

Last year the "Personality Dramas" were on the piling grounds... this year... T'was in the Lab at night.

It's a curious thing to me; considering that I've got an ego of some significant size... and I know it, I still have difficulty understanding how somebody signs up for a "Crew" job... and then comes here and deliberately and willfully refuses to be a co-operative part of the team... "I'm not doing that. I don't care if you need someone over there. I'M STAYING RIGHT HERE!"...


Why bother coming if you're just gonna be a rock jamming up the wheels of progress?

It's kind of a funny thing to me that one of us "flunkie" laborers on the floor... thinks they're gonna control who does what and where. ha ha ha ha ha... Luck with that! :) Ya'll might could have been some big muckity muck in your past life... but here, at a Beet Harvest... you're a paid laborer piling beets or processing quality samples... Get over yourself! ;)

The job here is to get the job done. You take a man's money, you do the job he paid you to do and you do what you have to to get that job done. It's called Cowboy Up!

I mean, there's an old saying; Lead, follow... or get the hell out of the way. There's another that comes to mind. I think it also fits well; Are we all in the seventh grade? Grow Up!!!

Anyhoo... with all my fingers, only a bruise or two and my pockets filled fuller than they've been in some little while I'll soon be rolling south headed for new projects on the winter desert.



MTWaggin said...

Good to hear things are winding down even with the little dramas. I think that is just part of the "team" deal. Love your seventh grade analogy - ours here is "Are you 12?!" Happy travels when you get back on the road.

gumo said...

I taught 7th graders for over 35 years and even they had more maturity than many adults I worked with. Ha.

Judy said...

I looked at the drama as a bunch of chickens establishing a pecking order. And we are suppose to be a 'higher evolved life form'. Don't think so.