Friday, August 22, 2014

The Roof Got Done... Now It's Time for the Brakes and Bearings

Been sittin' and waitin'... plenty of work to do... But I got to wait on income to arrive to do it. Still in that livin' this month with what I made last month style of goin' ;)

The brakes were found to be awful weak on the 5er when we hauled to Red Feather in June... but I wanted to start at the top so recoating  the roof came first! and of course the Wasp Wars interfered there. With the final defeat of the buzzing hordes and a few days of hot and dry that finally got done.

"Payment is in Progress" is the statement I see when I checked my account this morning... so shortly... I can get on to that next project.

That bein' that I've got to R & R the brakes. Since the wheel bearings are nigh on to 14 years old and, honestly, haven't been given the best of care... I figure it only makes sense to just replace them too and call it good... Better than bein' half way between nowhere and somewhere and hearing nasty noises and seeing bits and pieces flying around in the mirrors.

Yeah... good... Bearing replacements can be easy - or - they can be a misery. You got to get them set juuuust right to put 'em in place. Not a problem with the rig parked in a field... right?

It's a greasy messy job with my not bein' a lover of grease and mess... plus you have a 11,000 lb rig jacked up with at least one leg in the air.

A shop can just lift up the whole side and do two at a time. I don't believe I'm THAT confident. Think I'll leave one sitting on the ground... just in case the axle I've got the wheel off of... decides to part company with the jackstand.

Since I'm living in it... and am known to be slllllllloooooowwwwwww ... with repairs to begin with, not to mention the constant, repeated and apparently unstoppable application of Murphy's law... it could get interesting...

Anyhoo... I've got my impact wrench, jack stands, jack, wrenches and misc. junk and nonsense waiting on the arrival of my digital income... then it's off to Red Neck Trailer... just north of Denver for the parts to replace the Bearings and Brakes...

Shouldn't take but a few hours right? and we're not leaving for the Sugar Beet Harvest in Sydney Montana until the middle of September... right? so No Problemo... right? What are you thinkin'?

... yeah... Ya'll been 'round here long enough to know that jackin' up a concrete slab with a rubber hammer is possibly my greatest skill!

Ha! and the rig... is now parked a lil' bit away from where it's spent the summer by the Wind Break... Mostly under a tree now... capturing all the cool the tree has to offer.

So I guess that'll make me a gen-U-whine "Shade Tree Mechanic"! and I got my screwdriver and wire cutters all sharpened and polished up too! :)

Gettin' Ready for makin' some Sparks and Smoke


John said...

Hi Brain, your camping spot sure looks cool to me. Sure beats the fairgrounds. John

Anonymous said...

Hope you get 'er fixed up real good. A little at a time is OK. And, you'll know what you got when you roll.

Unknown said...

Don't right the first time, even If you have to wait a bit. Do you speak at Cowboy Poetry events?