Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Life Is a Series of Linked Circles...

Some might think it's a single continuous path stretching straight over the horizon; But I'd say it's more like... trying to hang onto a sunfishing buckin' horse that keeps spinning into and out of a thick and murky dust cloud.

There are times you can see where you're goin'... other times you haven't a sliver of a clue... you're just holding on...

Sometimes you get in the rhythm while you're out in the sun... Your spurs are hitting their licks and things feel pretty smooth. You look around and think; "Damn! I'm on top of the world!"

Then... that knotheaded buckskin' twists around and carries you back into that murky cloud. You blow a stirrup and it's grab leather and hang on till you can break out into the sun again!

Now-a-days I'm riding in that time when people start tellin' a guy things like; "Time to slow down old boy. You're too old for that now."

My reply? "Maybe YOU are... Me? I'm only too too old... When I'm DEAD."

Check out a couple of people...

Gloria;  89 years young and still putting it in the wind.  

Bruce Lee... an AMAZING video. Now... he died under 'strange/questioned' conditions when he was still young... but... what he did attests to the fact that MOST people never scratch the surface of their potential.

June Holeman. an article written about her when she was 66... she's now over 70 and still competing and ranking HIGH in Professional Rodeo!

I'm not even close to being done. Time to start looking at breaking out of the dust again... and cracking out on a fresh circle.

"Be Water My Friends"


Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

Yup, no point in dyin' before you're dead.

Unknown said...

You must be caught in one of them circles since you haven't posted an update in nearly a week...