Monday, June 23, 2014

The Veterans Administration... is NOT... the Source of the Problem

 (this is a post I wrote on my FB... I decided to reprint it here)

Ok... the VA... big stink lately right? Well guess what people... it's not one damn bit of difference than it has EVER been.

I speak from thirty plus years of personally dealing with it. U.S Army Disabled.

The VA don't get it done. It NEVER has.

Is that the fault of the VA system? No... it is NOT.

If you must place fault, go into the smallest room in your house, lean over the sink and stare into the mirror... and look your ass in the face. Cuz Darlin's... YOU is the culprit.

America has long talked her best into "writing a blank Check" payable for any amount up to and including their lives... to the nation... to go on foreign adventures, largely for the purpose of enriching already obscenely wealthy owners of various military/industrial complex corporations.

They were promised health care if they got torn apart and Survived the ordeal...

America has largely reneged on that promise. Always has. Look back at the army attacking the Vets on the Washington mall after world War one... when they went to protest the broken promises...

So now... the VA is "playing games" with appointments and treatment? I call Bull Shit!

The Congress and bureaucrats are scapegoating... and it's obscene.

They failed to fund the VA for the task they were given. The AMERICAN PEOPLE have not demanded that they do... and Vets endure, with dignity, once again, the broken promises.

The VA is staffed, doctors, nurses, technicians and orderlies, with the best people there are... but they can only do what they can do with available resources... their "delaying" of appointments/treatment is NOT malfeasance ... it is a form of triage. They deal with and treat who they can with available resources.

Firing Gen. Shinseki is not justice for a poor job. It is Scapegoating for failure to work a god damned miracle.

If you want to point the finger of blame... point it at the Congress and Whitehouse for failing to properly fund a grossly over burdened system... and yourselves... for failing to demand that they do!

Leave the good people of the VA alone.

They are doing the best they can with the meager tools you gave them. If you don't like the treatment your warriors are receiving, write your congressmen and demand that your soldiers be treated before the disrespectful illegals flooding our borders!!!

A Vet in defense of the VA


Barney, The Old Fat Man said...

You nailed my VA experience perfectly.

Paul said...

The best description of the problems with the VA I have come across!


Don said...

Well said! Of course paying one percent more tax to pay for it would bring the ire of all those members of congress who vote against any tax increase.

Brian said...

Don; I see no need to raise taxes yet again. Since everyone pays, effectively, far better than 50% of their income in direct and hidden taxes... there's plenty of money to properly fund the system.

I'd advise a house cleaning as part of the solution. Erase the vast majority of so called "Foreign aid"... cut benefits and salaries of congress by at least 30% ... eliminate the farm subsidies... since they no longer go to farm families but Major corporations...

There is plenty of space to find BILLIONS.