Sunday, April 13, 2014

Custom Made Saddles...

Two custom made saddles... Two pretty different ways of going...

The saddle on the Yamaha was built for me by Dan and his crew at Bitchin' Stitchin' in Lakewood, Colorado...

It carried me to Alaska, across Montana, down the Pacific Coast Highway a ways... across the Arizona Desert and through a few snows and muddy roads in Colorado.

The other is the working saddle I designed based on a Wade Tree and had built by Rocky Minster in Chandler, Arizona back in about '88. I changed the cantle a bit, had him leave out one of the ground seat pieces to lower the front of the seat even more than usual, changed the horn to be even a bit stouter than normal.

It's the best saddle I've ever owned and the most comfortable I've ever rode.

Both of those saddles have carried me quite a few miles. I rode that Wade for a lot of years. That Cowboy saddle took me through blizzards, heilatious hail storms, mud bogged and got upside down with a fool bronc once or twice.

I think it also may be able to lay the stronger claim to any part of me that I like or that's of any use.

There's an old saying around the ranches; "I never sold my saddle." ... well... I never did... when it comes to that Wade... I never will.

There's a lot of memories in both those saddles...

Thinking of the Sunny Slopes of Long Ago

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Anonymous said...

"Thinking of the Sunny Slopes of Long Ago"

Been doin' a bit of that myself lately, sure made some good memories.