Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Circle Nears Its Close in Moab

Took off in 2010...  Been a lot of miles under the tires in that four years... good times and not so good. I said back when I started on this journey, I didn't know how long it would go or where I'd end up... I haven't "ended up" ... Yet.

Into the middle of March and I've pushed north to Moab... I believe this was our fifth or sixth camp... back when we started out...

The days are nice, though yesterday was a bit of a wobbler with a strong cross wind knocking things around as I rolled north. Had a conversation in pigeon German with a Swiss couple at a gas station down near Blanding.

Once I got parked in the afternoon that breeze kept on whistling in the windows till well after dark.

*Moonrise over Moab*

In the interest of conserving propane... I think there's five blankets piled on the bunk now. Typing this post I'm using a sleeping bag for a lap blanket... and keeping my hands warm by brewing up more coffee than I need... so I can hold the cup!

I'll hang here till Tuesday... maybe Wednesday. Got word yesterday the bank will get refreshed a bit on Monday... so fueling the closing of the circle should be taken care of.

I'm pondering the thoughts of people these days, and thinking I'm as far out on the fringes as I've ever been. I'm advised in veiled and less than polite terms to "Quit yur bitchin' " ... I'm counseled that I should be counting my blessings... Bull Feces.

There's a problem with that... You know what happens when ever'body sits around fat and happy? .... NOTHING. Not one damned thing. All you get is a bunch of content sheeple.

Contentment is a nicer way of saying; Complacent... Complacent is a nicer way of saying; "Your ass is in the way."

Fine. You want complacent... it's all yours. Enjoy. I say; "Lead, follow or get the hell out of my way."

Think about it. NOTHING was ever accomplished by those that were happy with what is... It's the fellas and fellerettes... that SEE what's wrong. Are unwilling to accept What is Wrong...  The ones that stand up and make noise and break things... that change things. Not all the complacent sitters saying; "Be quiet, don't stir up trouble. Look at the pretty butterflies. This is nice."

I'm about the noisiest thing breaker you'll find. Don't like my noise and breaking? Not a problem... keep your things out of my way... and stay out of ear shot.

I carry a lot of my leather tools. The rest of what's left reside in a shed back on the Front Range. Some high dollar pieces need to be replaced... A bike that contains my working assets sits on the truck. I haven't but a faint idea of how a fresh shop will be carved into existence... only that that is the way my trail runs...

... but then most of my life has been following a trail that I hadn't much idea of where it led... till I could look back and see where I'd went. Just following my nose.

I'm gonna keep on the way I always have. I'm gonna say this is good when it is...I'm gonna say this sucks Big... when it does.

Don't like that? Fine, don't. Telling me to be quiet... Well... I don't advise it.

As Grumpy and Un-bashful as Ever


Michelle said...

Thanks for keeping it real. I need to know I'm not alone.

Anonymous said...

Just found you blog and stopping to say hello. We just left AZ and are now in Utah so we had the wind too. Sucks! We stayed outside Kanab a night and it was COLD. I hear ya' there.