Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Loaded Up and Trucking... And Juuuuuuuust a Touch of Badger Pokin'

Well almost...

Now that the funeral for those Colorado Broncs is done... how about stirring the pot. I ain't done that in some little while. :)

Heidi flies into Sky Harbor in Phoenix this afternoon where I'll swing by dragging 30 feet of rattle trap fifth wheel behind a smoke belching diesel dodge. Yup... a rolling cowboy roadblock.

Gonna do my best to see how well I can agitate the Air Port LEO folks with my over sized passenger pickup Vee-Hickle.

Yeah... Doing my part for global harmony. I'm about as skilled at that as Coca Cola is... :) Now there's an argument that a lot of folks just don't get... and it AIN'T about politics or selling soda. And it AIN'T about Die-Versity...

 And QUIT with the hysterical BS about racism.

It's about etiquette and sensitivity and understanding simple, natural Biology...

Diversity is the sweet sounding trap that well intentioned people fall into. Another of those "good ideas" where the reality of it... Hits you like a brick if you don't duck from it fast enough.

Yes we should honor all the cultures that came together to form this nation... BUT... you can't do that... UNLESS... you Come Together... FIRST.     DUH. Otherwise your differences are only Diversity... which keep you separated. DIVIDED... Diversity = Division... kinda the natural way of things.

The base, bred in instinct is to protect the clan, the tribe, the pack, the family... The INSIDE from all the OUTSIDE threats. It's simple, basic biology folks. Ignore it at your own peril.

The celebration of Diversity must come from standing on the foundation of Commonality.  The human critter is just that... a CRITTER. It responds as all others do, with basic, instinctive, biological reactions. The first of those is that if something is different, if something is Out Of Place... it is a threat... to be guarded against, until proven otherwise.

The ONLY way you can suppress and control that basic, biological command is to build a foundation of commonality. A common bond... Upon which you can then hang all the colors of diversity.

The FIRST place you start doing that is Language.

You'd think all the high dollar egg head psychologist sorts that Coca Cola could employ for their marketing games could figure that out... considering a puss gut, bald headed mountain cowboy did... a long damn time ago.

As long as you focus on the things that make people different... you will divide them... DUH! That will overpower their intellect. (and folks, ALL politics is based on divide and conquer)

Highlight their common aspects first. Show them how their inner goals are the same... FIRST... and then all those other bits will fall into place.

And That is Today's Poking the Badger


KarenInTheWoods said...

You put it well! I thought the same thing when I saw that ad. And I don't even drink Coke, nor any soda. but if I did, I would be switching and letting my dollars speak my thoughts.

That is all they understand... the dollar.

Karen and Steve
(Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

Unknown said...

When did you start watchin' football and commercials? You know that both are bad for your blood pressure...


Unknown said...

Tell Heidi Hi! from us...


Brian said...

watched the first quarter and a bit since the Broncos were supposed to be in it... too bad they didn't show up...

watched just enough to know it wasn't worth the aircard time... and then... superbowl commercials are supposed to be the "best"...

But you know... they muck that up too... ;)

Pam said...

I liked that commercial. To me it was reminiscent of the classic "I'd like to buy the world a Coke" commercial. I thought it was beautiful.

It's a myth that our ancestors came here and immediately assimilated to American culture. The first generation largely spoke their native language, lived amongst groups of similar immigrants, ate foods from their native lands, etc. The second generation was usually more bilingual , etc. and the third was fully assimilated. We see that same pattern in more recent immigrants.

I like the diversity the different cultures have brought to America. Traveling throughout the country, I am always amazed to find regions still heavily influenced by the country of origin of their ancestors. I can't imagine being offended at being offered Kolaches in Texas or Sopapillas in New Mexico anymore than I can imagine being offended by someone singing of the beauty of America in their native language or the languages of our ancestors. People seem to just want to be offended these days. I don't get it. Seems like a sad way to live.