Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Lesson in the Wind

The Arizona high chaparral is a mostly quiet place. It yields a drifter a sharp contrast between what is real and what is transient.

Here lays the land that was here for thousands of years before I came along... and will remain for thousands of years after I am gone.

When I stand on a hilltop and scan three hundred sixty degrees around... I can see the fleeting efforts of man to change this world lost in the vastness of the Arizona Desert. Communication towers on a mountain top miles away that will soon rust away to nothing without the maintenance of a crew.

The other way a highway, whose asphalt will rapidly degrade into a weedy trail, without man constantly refreshing its surface.

Nearby I can see the smoke from another camp. From three directions the sounds of rifle fire. Townie Hunters? sighting in their rifles and blasting away... and then hoping to collect one of their now loudly forewarned prey. Bwahahahahahahaha.

But the land... it remains. The sun rises and sets. The moon lights the nights... and if you listen... what's real will whisper its secrets.

*Sunset before the Storm*

*An Arizona Sunrise Masquerading as Sunset*

*Another Sunrise*

I'm sitting here, once again, with a broken rig. The failures seem to be accelerating, and many small jabs have gone un-mentioned.

There's an old saying that is often whispered in my head;

If you always do what you always did...
You'll always get what you always got...

Seems like maybe it's time for a stubbornly slow learner... to back off and look around for another trail to follow...

I wonder... is the true journey of a yonderer one of his body moving across the land? ... or his spirit... moving through time?

There are lessons to be learned and secrets to be heard in the sunrise and on the wind...

The question is... Am I listening


Nan said...

Love your photos, especially the sunrise. What a beautiful way to start a day.

gumo said...

I've never met you, Brian, but from reading your posts I am convinced that you are a survivor. So, things may look bleak right now and yes, you may have to adjust your sails a little bit. But I am sure you will work your way out of this problem and will soon be back on top of the world.

Good luck and best wishes for a brighter tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Hi Brian, I hate to see you having these problems that keep eating up your funds and your happiness in living the way you want to. I wonder what you mean about doing the same, getting same results though. Is there something you are trying to tell yourself you are doing that is a 'wrong trail?' The rig is an issue but I see that lots of other bloggers have that, too. Even those with much newer ones. So that's gonna happen whether you lived differently, too. Don't get down too much, you are a rare breed as it is, my friend.

Brian said...

Murphy and me... have been battling since the day I was born. The problem I've found with "Used" tranny's is... they most all seem to be in the 700-1300 range... and still the labor/shipping to swap... with 600+- as the base of teardown for repair it makes little economic sense to go with a used... unless possibly I had the place and tools to do the work myself... which I don't...