Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Montana Beet Harvest's Last Hurrah...

At least for us...

Though the Harvest is not tee total complete... some farmers feel the need to drag it out to the last possible moment with winter breathing down their necks... as things slow down the need for us here has worn out its welcome.

We pulled in to Sidney I believe on the 20th of September... now here it is... a month of Sugar Beet Piling later. Today is scheduled to be our last two shifts. First the Factory Beet Yard and then our last trip to the Tare Lab.

Tomorrow morning sometime, we should be hitched and rolling, bound for Colorado.

Our coffers, though already dented by Murphy (how is THAT no surprise) and that malicious eastern gang of parasitic scoundrels that pollute the earth... are in better condition than they were.

We'll take most of two days to make the 700 miles give or take to the front range where we'll lay up for a week or so, doing repairs, maintenance and family visitations. Then it's another two or three days to make the run to Avondale and another week's NASCAR work at PIR.

With that done I'm bound for some quiet, secluded, nobody-can-find-me spot on the Arizona Desert. It's my intention to immerse myself in fanciful characters and imaginary tribulations for the purpose of fleshing out a pair of outlines into two new completed books this winter.

... and... to be honest... run some considerable rubber off the tires of a big red motorcycle under the Arizona Sun.

Headin' South

P.S. Couple of winters back, sitting on Plomosa Road... I piled some stones together... Look at what I just found on Google Earth... from twenty thousand miles or so in space...

RVer Piled Stones in the Arizona Desert

You'll need to click on the pic to see it clear... and be able to read upside down... but SOMEBODY has took MY spot! ;)


Janna and Mike said...

If you happen to be going through Billings, and still need some leather I have found Montana Leather to be very reasonable plus they have wholesale accounts. I've parked there with a horse trailer right in front of the store on the street. Plus in Montana, no sales tax! :) Mike

Brian said...

Thanks Mike. I'll have to look it up! Unless my time is taken looking for Costco Batteries! ;)

butterbean said...

Howdy Brian,
I know y'all are happy to be heading out of Sidney,; I thought you'd catch-on with one of the oil companies and spend the winter up there... YEAH RIGHT !!! But look at all of the $$$$$$ you're passin' up !!! Oh well, you're gonna make 5-10M on the books !!!! Hope the batteries last long enuff to get to the flatlands/front range...
Y'all just have a lot of HAPPY DAYS..