Friday, November 16, 2012

The Trials and Tribulations of an RV "Celebrity" ;)

:) Yes Sir!

We stepped out yesterday morning for a walk up through the empty Plomosa Road area for to make a look see.

There were only a pair of rigs above us; one off about a 1/4 mile and a second that much further... As is our habit we skirted off a ways from 'em both, not wanting to intrude on their privacy or create some sort of an altercation 'tween any possible dogs...

So... we wandered up a mile or so to the end of the area scouting out possible camps for if we ever pull in and find "Our" spot already taken.

Well, the second rig was a small pull with a BIG ol' black dog layin' outside. Looked like a small bear layin' there.

We made a wide circle around it! ;) Then... as we turned back a while later and moved a lil' wider yet, a gal took up that dog and started anglin' out to meet us... Uh Oh... we'd neglected to grab leashes... so we took hold of collars.

As she got closer she called out he was friendly... Well... HER pup ain't the problem! :) Ol' Buck and Lily is who we were concerned 'bout. They have the habit of chargin' up and announcing their presence in a manner many folks misunderstand as aggression, when in fact they're just being noisy.

But, as is also their usual... Buck and Lily were soon running and playing with Cisco... who Judy opined was likely lonesome for some Canine frolics.

Cisco stacks up likely 1 and then half again of either Buck or Lily. he's a big boy! She got him at about six months old after some sorry, two legged, useless eater had abandoned the guy at the dump! Here he is four years later and I'm tellin' you, he's a Fine lookin' animal. For a gal travlin' alone? I'd strongly suggest you not come 'round her rig cookin' up any foul intentions. That calm lookin' 70 pound fur ball, I submit, will become a gawd awful, fur lined chain saw chewin' up a  day in YOUR life! ;)

You can clearly see the Aussie in his eyes, coloring, personality and they way he moves.

... and THIS is where the light came on... She, Judy, says; "I saw you walk by and thought, that dog (Lily) looks familiar. So, I got out my binoculars and studied your rig... Oh! I Know them! I read his blog!" :)

We stood around for most of an hour gabbin' and laughin' while the dogs ran around chasin' each other as only an Aussie can.

Yep... Third winter we've come by Plomosa road... Third winter I've been "recognized" by my rig/dog/motorcycle...

Geeze I can't walk through Walmart without a throng of groupies! Ha Ha Ha!!! Nah... it's pretty fun really. Generally speakin', folks in the past that were watchin' out for my arrival didn't have Good Intentions! ;)

What it all comes down to it; This Grumpy Old Motorcycle straddlin' Buster has to clean up his act, mind his manners... and be on his best behavior all the dang time... cuz he never knows when somebody is gonna be a watchin' or listenin'...

You folks just can't have No Idea what a tall order such a task like that is!

Geeze... guess I'm gonna have to start shavin' every day too!

Genuine Self Aggrandizing Boondocking Celebrity :)


The Good Luck Duck said...

This is the life of a boondocker. People following us around, throwing money and roses at our feet. Just trying to touch our seldom-laundered clothing. It just comes with the fame.

The Good Luck Duck

Patricia C. O'Neill said...

I don't see any photos... where were the paparazzis?

Box Canyon said...

...and then you woke up, right? :))
Box Canyon Mark

klbexplores said...

and the crowd goes wild....

Ed said...

"They have the habit of chargin' up and announcing their presence in a manner many folks misunderstand as aggression, when in fact they're just being noisy."

I have one of those also. Mine is even more of a problem because she is an American Staffordshire Terrier a la Pit Bull. It is not only the owners that misunderstand, the dog being charged doesn't understand either. I have to be very careful with her when she is around other dogs.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry 'bout bein' on my best behavior. None of them other celebs do.


Don said...

They say dogs are like their owners; does that meay you are more noisy than agressive? Sounds like it to me. LOL I KNOW it is true of Ed (previous commentor) and Patches.

Brian said...

Good Luck Duck; You watchin' me too? and countin' my laundromat trips? ;)

Patricia; The ONE day I get lazy and leave the camera behind! :)

Mark; There you go... ALWAYS... pokin' my balloons with sharp sticks! :)

KB; :) Don't I wish!

ED; Yeah, stereotypes aren't real fair... People look at me and think; "GEEZE! What a genuine western Hero!: :)

Howiet; Only, those "OTHER" Celebs can afford the Bail money!


Sharlotte said...

At least yall have the dog to back up the bluff. You should try it with mine, Takes all I have to hold her back from dragging my sorry body through the dust. All 8 pounds of angry Chihuahua. LOL If she was half as tough as she thinks she is, Lordie watch out, here SHE comes.