Monday, October 1, 2012

From Plumbing Wars to Computer Conflicts...

If self inflicted screw ups could be farmed I'd have a hell of a crop.

Leaking water and bound up computers... Life is a series of struggles... OK... yeah... leaky water heaters and computer gremlins might not be life threatening... but they sure can twist up a puss gut biker cowboy's liver!

Was working the other night and... Uh... my inner laziness finally caught up... BONG! ... that's the sound of it whackin' into the back of my head... if the head wasn't hollow it'd be more of a soft Thump!

The Ol' 'Puter was tripping along, even slower than it has been getting lately when it pretty nearly screeched to a stop and shortly a screen popped up;

"Yo! HEY! Four eyed, bald headed puss gut! STOP punching my buttons! Quit Typing ya bandy legged word Butcher! You only got 3mb of space remaining on the Hard Drive! We got stuff stacked on top of stuff in here. It's piled clean up to the keyboard and leakin' out the USB ports! There ain't no room to even move a period around in this Gol Dang mess! and ya'll just keep trying to shove in more STUFF! HALT! Delete something NOW ya itinerant drifting Bozo or us X's and 0's is goin' on strike!"

I got to tell you... I don't believe I've ever known that sort of tone or vocabulary to come out of a Microsoft error message before!

Apparently, if'n ya'll got a 145gb hard drive but you've got 144.999gb of pictures and Stuff wedged in there... the thing just don't want to run no more! They tell me it's gotta have enough room to shove the old stuff out of the way so it can roll on through with the new work...

Guess those electrons never worked in a feedlot or on a chicken farm! :)

So... I've spent the last eight or ten wakin' hours... goin' through two and a half plus years of picture files...

I see a good "photo" and I generally take a few shots with small lil' changes hopin' to get the thing juuuust right. The consequence bein' that I end up with The One shot... plus five more.

Ya know... it'd be a whole lot easier if a fella just deleted the ones he doesn't use... and only keeps the ones he does, right when he's workin' with 'em. Instead of havin' to go back through 17 jillion pics and clean up the mess he made leavin' 'em all layin' around!

Anyhoo... I've shoveled out near 10 GB now of space for them X's and 0's to ramble around in... and hopin' to make another 10 gig dent in it today... Might even mean I can squeeze another year out of this wore out Ol' laptop...

... of course, that means I gotta be able to remember which button is which letter... there's a half dozen or so where that lil' white bit has been purt near worn plumb off!

I wonder... ya think they carry computer buttons at Home Despot? :)

... and now... back to the plumbing wars!

Our itinerary for the next few days has been thrown into confusion... We were planning on just hauling out tomorrow... but the kids have developed a sewer issue...

Considerin' my lengthy experience with a shovel, scooping sh... uh, cr... uh... opening up used bio-mass transit line access! I volunteered to hang around a day or three just in case my knowledge of transporting recycled Wheaties might could be useful. ;)

Waiting on a call this morning sometime to see what the future holds. :)

Tap Tap Tappin' My way into the future!


Anonymous said...

Put your military training to work and tell them it flows downhill. What more do they need to know? ;)


Shadowmoss said...

Get yourself a 2 Terabyte usb external drive. Or, get 2. It is worth it for the space. Less money than breaking the computer and losing everything. I got a 2T drive at Best Buy a couple of weeks ago for under $200. A 'T' is 1,000 Gigabytes. I splurged and also got a 3T network connected drive, which I will hook up as soon as I hook up my network here, next weekend.