Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Walk Through The Zion Narrows...

... will teach you how an ant feels on a sidewalk in Wall Street... if it was thigh deep in water!

This is gonna be one of those Rare Short posts. Yesterday's journey Celebrating The Box Canyon Blogger's Birthday beat this ol' crip to mush! ;) At least I Thought that's what we were sorta doin'. I wasn't Really aware they was all snickerin' and conspirin' to see how the old Cowboy Biker was gonna hold up in a Foreign en-Vi-ron-Ment! :)

Like I've said on more than one oh-K-shun... I don't swim... at least what I do can't be called that... so... wanderin' up trails where the only way is IN the River... and the River is littered with slickery round rolling rocks... and the water is trying to push you to New Orleans... is an event of sorts.

I'll only post a couple of pics this morning to whet your whistle maybe... until I have time to sort through the 365 :) photos I made in the Largest Slot Canyon in the World.

First thing I did was use my 7P's and get properly geared up. Being wet for hours is bad enough... bein' wet and COLD is not something that toots my whistle or any other part of my Oh-Nat-uh-mee.

Them others claim toughness... yeah... well judging by their red knees and crossed eyes and the occasional comment...

... I dun it right! :)

We traveled 8 or 9 miles up and back. Clear up to the end of what they call Wall Street in the Zion Narrows...

Along the way, like I said I made juuuuuuuuuust a few photos... I'll be posting probably a day or two of the Narrows. ;)

*The Zion Narrows*

We've got to move today; Used up our 14 days of convenient campground... and I'm behind gettin' loaded up and road ready... something about being STOVE UP! :)  But... as soon as I get moved... Dry out... and get where I can move something like a healed up cripple would... I'll start to sharin' the trip in more detail.

I got SO MANY good pictures of this journey... and one magical awesome Video!!!

*Somewhere in the Zion Narrows*

Till then... let's just say... The Zion Narrows are... a Stone Cathedral... and a River Runs Through It. Pure and simply, a Gorgeous, Stunning place. It is one of those places where a photographer struggles to capture the scale and the Depth of the Spirit that lives here.

He sees his photographs... but keeps going back to make just one more try to Get It Right... and every time he does... the light has changed... the Canyon has changed... and he learns some more.

I'll be back with the story


Box Canyon Blog.com said...

Thanks for inviting us along, guys. We are thrilled to have finally made it to "Wall Street," and beyond!!! See you down in Arizona... around January.
Mark and Bobbie

Brian said...

We are as glad... Though it may take me a few days to sort pics... All 365 of 'em ;)

See ya'll in Arizonie... Maybe huntin' dirt for poor boys! ;)

Gaelyn said...

The Zion narrows are definitely a place of spirit. And I'll bet more than a few are broken there. So because you don't swim, seems a PFD would have been the thing instead of the "sissy pants." You'll be getting warm once you head south.