Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dust in the Wind...

Almost finished the "project" I'm working on for a person who shall remain nameless. :) as he/she reads this blog on occasion. :) It's completion will have to happen up in camp ~ Somewhere.

'cuz, it's time for this buster to be Dust in the Wind... Why? Because... that's the only reason this child needs! That and the fact that In the Wind... is where I am Home.

One thing this summer has taught me, again, is; Waiting with the purpose of "improving" things is most generally an exercise in futility. This summer was supposed to be a summer to rack up savings for a Loooonnnnng roll next summer. Yeah... well... THAT worked out well. :)

I expect it'd be like a fish settling down behind a rock in the stream to save up water for next years swimming.

Tried that a few years back... and lost even more dinero to the real estate debacle... You'd think a fella would remember such a lesson wouldn't you?

Wait? For what? The only thing waiting has ever got me is older and made me late for the bus.

Nah. Just Live. I know... most all are going to say prepare! Research! as in; proper prior preparation prevents pathetically poor performance... the 7 P's. Hell, you've heard me say that!

The problem with planning is... Murphy.

That lil' Irish Prankster is sittin' in the bushes just watchin' and waitin'. Unless you have the IQ of Einstein and Trump's wallet... there's no way in hell you can deal with and prepare for all the pot holes and broken shocks you're likely to encounter on your journey.

And worryin' 'bout it all just hangs a shroud over the laughter of fresh horizons. Not to mention that if you spend the time and cash to Make such preparations... ya'll ain't gonna have anything left over for the trip!

Nah... the best way is to simply gain a wide variety of experience and skills... Learn to go into everything with a "make do" with what you've got sort of attitude... don't deal with "problems" until the arrive. Then, apply your vast redneck intellect to the leaky tire.

The thing is... you can't fix a tire that ain't flat...  But if your Brain Pan is in the right place, you can work out the way 'round the obstacles as the come up. comprende' Amigo?

That don't mean you drive around with your motor a quart low all the time waiting for it to blow up... It just means that you don't spend all your time worryin' ~ IF ~ the motor is gonna use up some oil... Pay attention. Deal with the "stuff" as it comes and know; Your stuff will Fail. It's man made. Anything man made is gonna wear out. It's gonna break. It's gonna get stole...

Depend on the thing twixt your left ear and your right... and you'll do just fine.

When you come to a wide and surging stream... turn upstream or down... somewhere lies a ford you can cross... or maybe a tree you can fell across the water to walk over high and dry. There is ALWAYS a solution.

Might could be it's not as you'd planned... but the good stories and memories rarely come from the planned... the best times grow from the unexpected...

...as in... I'm likely one of the very few that's drug a 30' fiver over the 4wd sections of Buffalo Pass! :)

Don't get me wrong here... I'm not advising to throw ALL caution to the winds... just keep it in its proper perspective...

Few problems, are insurmountable, no matter now huge they may look at first. There's almost always a thin little trail that skirts around... or a simpler way... you just have to keep your eyes and your mind open to see it, and be willing to go "off road" and deviate from the "Plan".

So... does this philosophy make me a Deviant? :)


CJ said...

WOW this is a keeper for sure! I try to plan TOO MUCH...I can't wait to lie back and enjoy the ride next year! I'll be referring back to this for sure!! :O)

Cindy Kingma said...

Loved today's thinking! Got some chuckles out of me. I like the message. Murphy will never get you with this outlook. You got his number, Brian!

Andrea said...

Thank you,
Struggling with AC wiring dead right now.....in motorhome.....no blown circuit breakers.

Thankfully it is parked in drive of my stick house.

Just going to sleep on it.