Friday, July 20, 2012

Rocky Times in the Rockies

Almost got to the place we figured to make camp. Changed our minds and pulled into the country NE of Steamboat Springs.

Just left the pavement and entered onto to steep and narrow when I discovered that the clutch wouldn't disengage.

Hmmmm.... This could get interesting... Wasn't real fun trying to see through the blue smoke pouring out of my ears.

Then, just to keep things interesting I rolled right through the wide... Flat... Open... Parking area that was near to the place I wanted to camp. Thought I'd just limp it into town.... And then... I looked at the fuel gauge. 15 miles to town and the fuel gauge and the computer tell me I've got 13 miles left...

Apparently, getting stuck in 2nd gear eats up diesel!

So... To make a long story shorter... I rolled another mile or so... To get stuck by a section of badder road.
 Managed to roll back off it when I shut her down, and park it in the ditch.

I discovered I could restart in gear... So I got unhitched and leaving herself and the dogs "camped" on the side of the 4x4 road I limped the busted truck to town.

Let me tell you, running a truck without being able to disengage the clutch... Through Town... Looking at a computer that says you've already gone farther than you can... Is an interesting trip!

Got it to a shop, unloaded the Raider... And rode that big Road Bike back up a 4x4 road in the dark... With dark sunglasses on... Cuz I forgot my helmet! :)

Now today I'm back at the shop waiting for the clutch master cylinder to get replaced.

Tioga George ain't the only one havin' adventures! :)

Just another bump in the road

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Cindy Kingma said...

Onward, soldier! Big smile! Now you got 1 more good, new part that will hopefully last ya a while, so that's another 'off the list' for future failure (?) Hugs!