Thursday, July 26, 2012

Publishing From a Boondock Camp, Good Omens, Leather Carving and Jewelry Galleries...

I battered the buttons last evening and uploaded my latest project. With this book my Jeb Taylor series, at two books, is now officially a series! ;)

But... if you look over there to the left side you'll see the link to my BK Gore Blog... and the the headline about JEB TAYLOR DAY. (Monday the 30th of July)

You might give that lil' blurb a quick lil' read... go ahead... I'll wait ;)

Back now?... Yeah I know. A bit of un-repentant self promotion. That's something I don't expect to ever get very comfortable with... and I'm trying to low key? ;) about it... but if a guy's gonna sell any of his stories he's gotta suck it up and get out there and hawk 'em... right?

So! Jeb Taylor Day! Monday the 30th of July! Two Thousand and Twelve! Get 'em for Amazon runs out! :)

I just hit the button yesterday evening to upload the last file and the light coming through the kitchen window turned color...

*A Publishing "Good Omen" *

I'm takin' that as a good omen. Gonna take a few days off from the keyboard 'round here. I need to clean up the word chips from all the literary whittlin' that's been goin' on.

Before I dive into the next two books that the carving has already been started on! :)

I've got a Leather Project to finish carving anyhoo. It's been on the table for a few weeks but I was a bit preoccupied with completing the book... so now the table is clear and I can get another of my project list clicked off.

... and somewhere in all this I've got to create some sort of Gallery to showcase Heidi's Jewelry creations. She got a few pieces in a Gallery outside of Zion Nat. Park, but I think I could do better for her if I figure out how to Multi-Task and do seven things at once and just get her own Gallery built!

And while I'm doin' that... I'd like to find the guy that said this Boondocking for a living was a more relaxed and easy way of goin'!

Some days I feel like a three legged man with an advanced case of Old Timers that got caught up in an egg beater! I don't know if I'm comin' or already left! ;)

ahhhhh... it's still better than straddlin' a buckin' horse on rocky ground. :)

Catchin' My Breath Above Steamboat


Warren said...

Hey Brian,

Will it be on B&N by then or will us Nook people have have to get it from Smashwords?


Cindy Kingma said...

That guy? Well, this working for yourself is only slightly better than a mean ole boss...but you git to fix your own hours and what's out your front window and hikes and flowers in between...:)
Being able to multitask is nice, too.

Brian said...

Warren; It's going through the "system". I doubt it will get to Barnes and Noble by monday :( Smashwords ships at least once a week now, but the book has to get into their "Catalog" and likely won't do that until today or tomorrow... and so miss this weeks shipping.

You can get it at Smashwords... and I actually make more nickles if you do - in the short term - Taking the Lonnnng view... it does me better when folks actually get it through the retailers like B&N, Apple, Sony, Kobo etc. (and Amazon) 'cause there it shows up as "Sales Rank" just a lil' mercenary comment ;)

but let me just say Many Thanks however you choose to get your copy! :)

Mean Ol' Boss? Me? Cindy!!! How could you say such a thing!!! I'm a great Boss! I give myself time off all the time! buy myself a cool beer each evening! and pay the rent to live in great places! :)