Monday, March 12, 2012

What Can We Do?

****Ed. Note; I felt the need to make a  "Comment Reply" here before today's "Cowboy Sermon Continuation". I have today and tomorrow to present the balance of my "vision" of this world and my solution for individuals... and then we return to our Regular Programming! :)***

*Comment Reply* There are some who insist on missing the Philosophical Boat I've been trying to sail... I expect they always will. They insist on talking the % of income paid the % of net worth paid.

I won't play that numbers shell game. It simply gets you numbers bound with irrelevant numbers.

It is not about Dollars! It is about the stolen LIFE those dollars represent! It's NOT just taxes... it's the whole tilted system. Honestly, It matters not one damn whit to me who the dollars (Life) were stolen from. That Life remains stolen.

Do the 5% at the top take advantage of the 95% at the bottom? You bet. I have written ad-nauseum that they "game" the system. They always will. It's THEIR system! That does not release those at the bottom from culpability. The bottom 20% or so take their stolen treasures, given by the top 5% for the purpose of providing the cover they need to... RAPE well beyond their fair share, the productive People caught in the middle. That rape now extends far beyond taxes but through the entire fabric of society.

It is this perversion that "Paying your fair share" has become. To clean up the perversion they insist that the solution is that Everyone be RAPED their Fair Share. NOT that the raping be stopped. THAT is smoke screen BS that diverts attention from the true issues.

They argue that I stand in defense of the "Mitt Romney", Corporate Masters of the world. Seriously? That's your argument against me? Have you read ANYTHING I've written and you go with that? Snippets of words I've spoken are taken out of context and whittled on to fit another agenda. While not an unusual thing... I stand dumbfounded.

You "Hear" the statement that "Overspending is not the Problem", that the problem is we don't yet get enough revenue from some division of Society... Seriously? The problem isn't the debt we've piled up; but that enough revenue has not yet been stripped from, some portion of society? Do you hear the "Profit Motive" agenda of those I rail against hidden in there?

The unspoken and hidden part of this is the "shell game"... Those at the top will NEVER be taxed at the "Rate" you and I are. It is THEIR shell game. They find cover behind this argument but always maintain the "Loopholes" to crawl through. It is the game itself that is corrupt. Think about it. (end of reply)
and now... today's post;

Can an RV Boondocker... or Anyone else contest Socialism and win?

I say he can... You Bet! But, it's not a walk in the park. It takes courage, sacrifice, hard work and steely eyed stubbornness. Oh yeah... a little bit of luck don't hurt.

How? Hell, I've been doing it to some degree for years! Let me just say, the trail I've gone is likely unpalatable for most... but it works for me.There are versions of it I am sure you can find agreeable.

A few days ago I opined that I could only control my own life. That I could not impose my views, and my values on "Others"... one of the many differences twixt me and a socialist. So what I say here are only my observations of this world. I have no power to impose them on you and wouldn't even if I could.

As I see it there are several options... Which as far as I'm concerned, though honorable, are exercises in futility.

Some will want to be all patriotic... Fight the advancing socialism at the ballot box... Yeah, right. Luck with that. If you still think that's a real deal, and not just a dog and pony show to placate the ones who don't look too deep, consider the recent "election" in Russia.

Now, those guys are a lil' bolder with their fraud than our boys are here at home. But it doesn't change the outcome. The crooks at the top own the game. They make the rules... and they choose the winner. Simple as that. Whether that "They" resides in Moscow or The District of Columbia. They have the power and they're not about to relinquish it without a fight... or a little bit of vote fraud.

You can think otherwise all you want... You can disagree with me... you'll have a hard time getting me to change my mind.

I mean, look at the not so far back fiasco in Florida. Many claim there was fraud there, and is what put Bush in. Whatever actually happened is so lost in the corrupt tangle no one can really sort it out, and that is the program anyway. Keep everything such a tangle you can claim anything and no one really knows.

There were I remember equivalent claims of fraud with Clinton and Nixon... Left, right, it makes no difference. They are simply opposite sides of the same coin and working for the same bosses, toward the same agenda. Our boys are more careful, and clever than the Russians; who don't seem to even notice that a lot more votes were cast than there were registered voters! ... With our crooks being more devious and secretive, it's harder to "See" their games... but see you still can... or smell... It's impossible to completely hide the stench.

It's a rigged game girls and the "House" always wins. Ask anyone in Vegas. Stop playing their game and you eliminate their veil of "Legitimacy".

Another alternative is public displays of outrage and protest. Force change by public opinion...

How'd that work out for the recent kids and such in the "Occupy" charade?  Again, a dog and pony show designed to give you the impression you've got a voice in the workings of our "Government by the People".

Did you watch the "Crying Wolf" video? The people of Montana worked within the system. There were Agreements made. Compromises agreed to. Not a one has been kept by the Federal Government. If they decide they don't like the original agreement they rewrite it or just simply ignore it. Trusting a Federal, is like trusting your drug dealer... you are dealing with people for whom integrity is not a big motivator and lies are a common and valued tool.

YOU, however are expected, under penalty of law to abide by any agreement... even if it was imposed on you, against your will.

Add in another lil' bit of reality. A reader made the comment in the past few days; "if you stick your head up too far, they'll Nuke it." And seriously, that's a fact. If you gain too wide an audience, and credibly criticise too loudly, if you attract the beasts attention... you're taking a serious risk... the man don't like opposition. Often, it will not be tolerated. So... shussshhhhh... don't nobody tell him I've been stirrin' the pot! :) But if you do... tell the bugger to pack a lunch. :)

Looking around the world, how has public protest been working out for folks in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tibet, or Greece? Shall I go on?

Socialism in any of its' forms doesn't work kids. It never has. It never will. It is a mathematical equation. The only reason it's taken France, Germany and the United States so long to slide to the edge is we started draining the entitlements out of rooms filled with untold riches... those treasures are now spent.

We're being told that to be Good Citizens we must steal the livelihoods of our Great Grand Children and commit Their Children to serfdom, paying off the cost of OUR living, So that we don't have to give up... anything.

Our descendants will be left without, because those selfish parasites gorging at the pubic trough today reufse to step away. The system is broken. It doesn't work. It not only steals from us, it steals, today, from those yet to be born. It's despicable.

But, there's a big problem when it comes to fixing it. Most see a world where the only cure that will work... requires that you kill the patient... in a sea of fire and blood.

And it is true that in conventional thinking, a "Ruling Elite", that holds on to its' Power by force, requires force to take it from their grip. I doubt you are likely to be wanting to engage in such horrors... It's a double plated fact that I ain't... Even if there was some hope that engaging in that obscenity had a whisper of a chance of success, which it don't.

So... is there another way? A quieter more genteel way? A way that not only remains well within the legal parameters of their socialist system, but also has the hope of victory and yields a pretty nice life in the doing?

In the words of a the Great Americans, Rowan and Martin; "You bet your sweet bippy there is!" :)

Ever hear of a "Safe Room"? A secure room in your house you can retreat to if danger threatens, right?

Using that analogy, think of it this way... What if... you lived in a "degenerating house" that threatened to collapse around you but; you couldn't leave the house. Everything around you seemed to be infested with parasites and mould. The "structure" around you seemed to be rotting and falling down around you.

What if... within that world you could construct a "bubble", a Safe Room... a structural "Bubble" that in large degree shielded you from "falling debris"... While at the same time opened up the space in your life to access art, and music... philosophy... to laugh with your kids and ride a fine gelding in the high up and lonesome... or as sweet a motorcycle on a Ribbon of Highway?

Sounds pretty sweet don't it?

I believe it is... in large degree a real and viable way of living. An alternative to the "paradigm" we live in. Big words for a puss gut cowboy huh?

And it's easy! It only requires structural changes in your perception of the world around you. Structural reconstruction of your lifestyle and a basic reconfiguration in not only how you produce your living but what you consider to be a "Living" in the first place. Like I said, easy huh?

The reality is... you can build yourself a "safe place"... a "Safe Room" in plain sight... succeeding at improving Your personal quality of life, starting today... or you can try to change the basic historical nature of society and government that has endured for eons... and fail tomorrow... and the day after that... and the day after that... and the day...

You see... if you start to form a monolithic resistance and protest the actions of those in power you trigger an automatic, "Hard Wired" response... you saw that with the aborted "Occupy" movement... the "society/bosses" tolerated it for a short time and then moved in with Whatever Force was Required... and stamped it out. Rather than allowing it to continue and risk losing control of it.

If those kids and such had resisted more strongly... if they'd stood their ground, I assure you, you'd have witnessed the American equivalent of Tiananmen Square... and you end up with... Syria.

That... is no place I want to go...

The real power behind the Powers that Be... is US! It is their ability to harness... US!

Our solution is simple to state... yet difficult to achieve. It is to summon the individual courage to simply, quietly, individually... with NO massed organization of people to be infiltrated and assaulted, without violence, anger or confrontation... Slip out of the Harness.

Without diving in to a Sea of Fire and Blood... You Possess the Power to Free Yourself!

You, me, all of us, have been conned into being our own Jailers. We Steal from ourselves! If you SEE those chains... if you can understand the bars on that cage... They Vanish!

It is our willing participation in THEIR system that benefits them... that gives them power. If that participation is simply, quietly withheld... they are, rendered impotent, without any ability to fight our actions... Neutered.

It is the Unintended Consequences of THEIR actions... against which The Powers that Be... have NO Defense.

I'm going to let that soak for a bit. Think about it.

I'll be Back!


Cindy K. said...

Interesting 'cliff hanger' today. Its almost like a big box wrapped in duct tape; then inside??? :) I can hardly wait to see what awaits in the "Bubble" Philosophy you gonna 'splain'. :) Not making making fun OF you; just having fun with the analogy here. You tease without giving a clear idea, so far. But that's OK, I can be patient. Makes the episode upcoming exciting. Not at all sure where you're going with it yet but the soaking process is a good angle. Have a great day!! :))

Jeff said...

Seems to me the secret is to get rid of most of your possesions that you have to work so many hours each week to sustain. We just want more and more which requires that we make more and more money. Learn to live a simpler life and you can shed alot of those hours you work to sustain all the toys that we have amased. The less you have to work and pay the extra bills the less the higher ups have control (I say as I write this on my computer in my heated house with the TV in the background surrounded by my treasures).

Brian said...

Jeff sir; you're about as close as you can be. But you need not go naked into the wilderness. I have all those things now. It doesn't require going mobile/gypsy like me. Only being more thoughtful and more efficient in our choices. The biggest part I believe and the most difficult is the refocusing of our efforts. Adopting a whole new self enlightened culture.

Will Sturgeon said...

Hey Brian, Will here, another broken down ol Waddy - ex Motorcycle cop, ex Navy sailor, ex Coast Guard Sailor, ex Long haul Trucker and O/O, ex Horseman, ex Farrier, still a Writer, and not yet ex Survivor! And Canadian, eh?
Here's a quote from one of my past philosophical efforts - "Men have lost their focus on the true currency of Life. Time is a more precious commodity than money. Life is measured in hours and minutes, not dollars and cents. When you're out of money, you're just broke. When you're out of time, you're dead!" Keep up the good work. Will

Brian said...

I'm sitting here with my mouth hanging open like a droolin' idiot.

You're like... The improved version of me I hope to grow up to be!!

Awesome!!!! :)

Ed said...

You are on the same page with Fred Reed. This is what he said in part in his column of May 29, 2005.

I wish to propose a salubrious anarchy, a deliberate renunciation of fealty to country, society, and government, an assertion of independence from folly and moral decay. Permit me to offer a taxing political idea: When a society ceases to be worthy of support, it is reasonable to withdraw support. The time, I submit, has come.

Here I do not mean to urge crime or counsel treason, but to suggest quiet renunciation of the national disaster. Ask yourself how much of American life pleases you. The schools are run by fools to manufacture fools, government grows more intrusive by the day, and culture is determined by the triple cloacae of New York, Hollywood, and Washington. Freedom withers, not only in the ominous encroachment of police powers, but in the loss of control over schools, church, hiring, daily life. We are no longer our own. The United States is not the country we are told it is, and not the country it was.

How to escape? The beginning, and the most difficult, is a moral distancing. Those who care must disentangle themselves from the cobweb loyalties and factitious duties with which we have been unconsciously encumbered. From childhood we learn patriotism, that one must vote, that if our way is not perfect it is at least best, that we must support anything however bad because were were born in a particular place. Why?

Let me suggest that one owes loyalty to one's family and friends, to common decency, and to nothing else. Render under Caesar what you must, keep what you can, and swear allegiance to nothing. Here I do not mean just the government, but the zeitgeist, the miasmic fetor of trashy culture, the desperate consumerism, the entire psychic odor of a society in decomposition.

Keep on keeping on Brian, your on the right trail!

Anonymous said...




Brian said...

Many Thanks Wayne... And Ed, my final installment ;) is ready for the morning... My ideas of how an individual can go forward. It's interesting to me that several of my points seem to follow his thoughts.... Though I did manage to use more words :)