Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Story is Not Yet Finished...

... and I'm not without the words to finish it... You might be surprised! I actually have too many. :) The trouble is getting them sorted out into some sort of intelligible string.

I thought I had it last night... even posted it for a short time... but even I recognized it was too windy, too jumbled, too confused. The thoughts are there but they're coming so fast, from so many  directions it gets confused. So I'm taking a day or so to let things settle and clear.

A man shouldn't rip on what is... if he has nothing to offer as an alternative. I have that. But, to know what you've done, what you think is a Way, is one thing. To put all those thoughts and actions into words that will make any sort of sense to folks is something else.

Sometimes I feel like a hyper active squirrel, twitching and running from here to there, climbing spinning circles around a tree trunk... out of breath, chattering and climbing and racing... bing bing binnnnnngggggg! Just like Ol' Ricochet Rabbit! Remember him? :) Ok... squirrel... rabbit... either way I'm bouncing around like a hyper-active manic washing down a fist full of uppers with cups of hot, double tough coffee.

Started a "cooling" time yesterday. We took the truck and ran up the west side of the Colorado river above Parker. Took the truck thinking another big wind might be coming...

*The shadows in camp are always long just at sunrise*

We figured to go up and come across the Parker Dam.

Funny thing. I'm rolling along thinking about all that's goin' on and how tough it can be to stand in the face of it all... and a small little thing will catch your attention...

A tree... overshadowed by the massive construction of the world around it... growing out of solid rock. Refusing to quit... Refusing to say; "You Win". Carving out it's own little niche and saying; "Bite Me... I will Live my own life as - I - choose!" ;)

*Some Just Won't Quit*

And when you look around... They're not alone. There are others that find a way to survive. A way to prosper within their Own Piece of the World. It looks austere and bleak to some, but to them, it is Home.

And though the waters seem deep... you don't need to Part them. With a little of the imagination and ingenuity that the Boss equipped you with... You can build a bridge that carries you to the other side...

There is a way for those that might want it. I just have to find the words to describe it.

Today, We're gonna climb on the Raider and let the wisdom of the highway sort the jumble in my brain. Maybe tomorrow I'll have filtered out the mess and organized my thoughts in a way that NOT abnormal people can comprehend what I'm thinking. ;)

On my own lil' journey in the Desert


Cindy K. said...

:) I can't wait.

Sharlotte said...

Waiting and holding my breath my friend

Shadowmoss said...

Yeah, on the 2 hour bus ride back to post this evening I was thinking about a post on a similar subject. 'Course, I am totally not political, seems to be a good way to end friendships to disagree about some detail that both feel passionately about. However, something I'm thinking a lot about daily down here in Honduras is that they have their own version of socialism: if someone has more than someone else, the person who is most armed (or most ready to use force) just takes it away from them. Kinda where the ends of the political spectrum bend back around and touch each other. No laws, or too many laws. Seems like instead of giving a label, it would be better to just try to get close to agreement where the lines should be drawn. Some laws. Which ones? That could be a good discussion.

Hiding out here in your comments section so I don't get a firestorm on my blog... :)

Brian said...

Shadows, THAT is simply Socialism with all the deceiving window dressing removed. The basic foundation of socialism... Is Theft.