Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Joy of Being An Un-Satisfied Yondering RVer... ;)

It always strikes me as "funny", how often Mark and I, without communicating about it, strum the same mental string, on nearly the same day... Tee Totally... by stumbling along in our own individual and peculiar ways but ending up at nearly the same "place"... The timing is just wierd...

Kinda like being identical twins with different Mothers. ;)

It could be said, with a mite of accuracy, that neither one of us have much in the way of a capability to ever be completely satisfied, for more than maybe... six minutes.

Now, don't misunderstand me here. This is NOT a vice.  In sure and certain fact, it's my opinion, that inability to secure a satisfied contentment is one of the biggest contributors to making us a pair of genuine western Heroes without compare! :)

Though I'll say that Mark is juuuuuuuust a mite more modest than the other guy.

It's not that we want more than we have... just different... changing. What is wanted is to go more, see more, do more, know more, experience more... to NEVER Stop Being More. Neither of us, I think, is willing to ever Quit... at pretty much anything.

Every time I am obstructed by some "Thing" or some "One"... I'm all... "Oh! You're telling me I CAN'T? Really? HA! Stand back out of the way Sparky! Ever'body sit down, shut up and hang on! 'cause it's 'bout to become a Bumpy Ride!" :)

It seems that as soon as either of us... especially THIS yonderer, achieve just about anything, before the dust of success has settled, our eyes are already looking on past it. Like a kid at christmas running from package to box... the foremost thought is; "I wonder what's over that next ridge... around that next bend... how changing this or that would work...

OR... What it would be like to be Yondering in THAT rig! ;)

No matter how well I have done, what I have done, what I have built, what I have achieved, I ALWAYS look at "It"... and just 'bout the first thought in my head as I survey my "Doing" is; "If I could have just one - more - crack at it... I can make it better.

So it is with the RV Houses we use to wander and yonder. We're always cogitating, dreaming and striving it seems to work out the perfect rig... or to simply try different rigs. To devise the sweetest combination of comfort, economy, function and sustainability...

... and as soon as it's found... "But, if I change this here... and tweak that there"... :)

... I expect to turn 85... doodling out a sketch of the NEXT perfect rig. :)

Long winded way of saying; We've hauled this fifth wheel around behind three different trucks for eleven years. I've made multiple modifications to adjust it to our way of going... as our Way has changed over the years.

In, addition there have been several repairs of RV systems and structure along the way.

I don't guess anybody can say I/we have been fickle when it comes to where rigs are concerned. We've squeezed all the good there is out of this RV Evolution.

How-some-ever... after hauling it long and hard for these many years... and two especially wide circles the past two years... we've (I) have decided that the changes I want (to adjust to the changes in us) just can't be fit into this rig any longer.

Now... I've got a PLAN... which for a bit shall remain a closely guarded secret! :) Ya'll is gonna just have to guess 'bout it.

I not only have to fit all the myriad of pieces generated by the fevered muscle sitting between a Cowboy Biker's ears into a rig... but I've got to knit the thing together within the confines of that Cowboy Bikers anemic budget... While... sizing the thing to IMPROVE our access to more back road sorts of places.

That's penciled out now in a three or four stage enterprise... which is likely to be spread out over the next 14 or 27 years!

But... there is something that is becoming pretty clear in all that... The ROAD ... I LOVE... the Open Road.

I don't mean I like traveling... I mean... wandering, yondering, the changing view through the windshield or over the handle bars is not a like... it is a lust that without I will suffocate. It is not an option I can do without. It is a NEED. A visceral, systemic requirement of who I am. It is the AIR I breathe.

We've talked about leaving the road... at least for seasons... to deal pragmatically with costs and such... and each time I/we get to leaning that way... my liver starts vibrating... and pretty soon breaks into a debilitating quiver. So... the likelihood of some landlocked termination of my wandering yondering ways is probably not in the cards...

Pragmatism be damned... I'm gonna split the wind!

Satisfied Dis-Satisfaction


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

We're finishing out a cargo trailer for our travel trailer because we are picky about quality, and and we are chemically sensitive. We could not live healthy in most RV's/Trailers due to construction materials, glues etc..

Yeah, it's quirky and eccentric to do things this way, but we're good with that.

We're looking forward to the day it's ready to hit the road!

(previous comment deleted due to typo, sorry!)

Shadowmoss said...

As a person of the distaff variety I keep wondering what your better half thinks of all this? Is she ready for the changes as well? I know this is your blog, but I do wonder what her take on a lot of this is. I figure she is pretty used to your ways, I just wonder.

Joe said...

I was noticing that about Mark and you. So thats not planned twin blogging huh? Interesting..

Brian said...

Yeah :) I've gotten to where I can hear her eyerolls ;) actually, some of the gyrations are for her! To fit in her bead stuff better, and... The possibility of a variety of "trike" for her ;)

Brian said...

Nope! Just a convergence of psychosis! I'll post a blog and then look... And we're right there, a thousand miles between... Yet pondering the very same thing. Weird. :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with tinkering and changing as we all need to do!! Looking forward to the secret rv. I left my 5th wheel last time around and traveled a total of 2500 miles in a much smaller vehicle and i couldn't believe the money i saved! It paid for my trip...that gas/diesel price is making me think to recalculate my way of travel now. BiLL

Box Canyon said...

Back in school they called our disease "Attention Deficit Disorder." :))
And they give out little pills to help you "Conform."

Box Canyon said...
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Anonymous said...

Somewhere in the Good Book I read "having food and raiment, let us be therewith content" Now I like to see what's over yonder as well and I enjoy seeing the mountains, but I credit the Good Book and that statement with getting me where I am today, been here 86 years and got plans for the next 10!!Have an old Spartan trailer made into an RV yelling "lets'go" every time I look at it! ===Fred===