Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Lil Housekeeping and Town Crier Stuff...

This hyar is mostly an informational post! Kind of a Campfire Telegram.

First off... motivated by the request of Janna and a couple others... I finally figured out (with a lil' help from my friends) how to hobble the Word Verification gizmo in the comments area... So, if that inhibited ya'll from speakin' your mind... it's gone, at least for now.

Here's hopin' it won't get loaded up with so much spam it becomes an issue again... and if spam or nasty stuff does get in there for a bit... grrrrrr.... I can't clean it out 'till I get back to the rig... so have some patience. I'm keepin' my fingers crossed.

Second... if you look over there in the upper left corner of this blog... you'll see that I announced in my BK Gore blog that I'm droppin' the price on most of my books... You might look at that if you're interested in such savings. ;) Just trying to cut folks a bit of a break... and keep the pantry stocked at the same time.

If you know anyone who likes westerns... owns a Kindle, a Nook, any of the other readers, a smart phone or simply a computer... send 'em my way. I will be eternally grateful! :)

So... back to life as we know it... or... the continuing saga of a guy who's one of those fellers who seems determined to prove that you can indeed dig yourself out of a hole! ... if you only dig fast enough! :)

We fired up the scooter and rode on up to Payson and on over to Kohls Ranch to use up today.

When we climbed off the bike and walked into the lobby of the "Resort/Restaurant" there at Kohls Ranch, we were looking forward to a bowl of the chili we remembered they used to serve years ago. Though the sun was shining and the temps were nice... it's still a mite cool at sixtyfive miles an hour... there's such a thing as wind chill! :)

So... we walked in looking forward to that Hot Chili... only to find that during the winter... the restaurant is only open for supper a few days during the week, and of course, Today... weren't one of those days.

Weak as I was from malnutrition, we still climbed back on the Raider. I used the last of my strength to twist the throttle and spun the tires back to Payson and the Knotty Pine cafe for Patty melts and Rhubarb pie!

Then with full bellies and a slowly emptying fuel tank... we passed several of those Harley boys :) rolling back to our camp here on the Tonto. Aw come on... they can take a lil' tickle once in a while can't they? :)

Not a day I'd call spectacular... but let's face it... Putting a fine Motorcycle in the wind... under the Mogollon Rim... on a Sunny Arizona February Day (knowing what riding back yonder in Colorado was like in February)... makes for the sort of day that keeps a guy coming back for more...

Keeping it Together... One Day at a Time

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Paul said...

Glad you're back in the saddle Brian. I know it was wearin' on ya.

I'm one o' them Harley Boys that can take a tickle. It don't matter to me what ya ride, it only matters that ya ride.