Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Out Amongst the Burros on the Arizona Desert.

With two wheels down... due to lack of rubber on one of 'em, we fired up the four wheeled rig that's been sittin' idle for a while, and took a run through the Desert out to the Swansea Townsite... Up around 30 miles out into the hunting grounds of the great grey Burro! :) Which... we didn't see any of.

Did get lucky enough to spot some Burro poop though. How exciting is that huh? Especially if you're from New York City?!!! or maybe New Jersey!

"We spent a whole month driving out to and around the wild West of Arizona and even got to see some genuine, antique, sun dried wild burro poop! HooYa!" ;)

The road going out runs along where the Parker off road races run for a bit. The track runs right along the road for several miles before it cuts back west to Parker.

The Parker 250 that ran a couple weeks ago, and the one coming up in a couple of weeks... Parker 400 I think it is... though it may be longer... Now THOSE are dusty suckers... looks like a dust storm coming, only the dust just hangs over the desert like a brown cloud... as long as there's no wind.  ;)

*The Road to Swansea, Arizona*

It's probably one of the youngest Ghost towns in Arizona. Built the first thing there in 1909 and folded up their tents in 1937. Rather than it being just a town that grew out of a collection of folks coming there... Swansea was built owned and run by a series of Mining operators...

... and from what I could see from the signs and literature, in all that time only one of the buggers ever turned a profit for the "Investors"... Judging by the holes in the ground and the waste piles of slag and such quite a few people tried real hard... but producing 15 cent copper that you can only sell for 12 cents... don't work out too well...

... Hmmm... That's how Heidi and I run our real estate deals! :)

*Rock Arch at Swansea*

There's an interesting arch near the bottom of the hill after you come over the mountain... almost looks like a man made theing... except there's no road to it... or after...

*Through the door of one of the Workers adobes*

*From the ruins of the mine office at Swansea*
They built quite a bit up there, though about all that's left is the foundations. They even had a hospital and dairy... but, sadly... not a single, solitary sign of a Motorcycle... No wonder the place failed! :)

*Mess hall and office ruins*
How'd you like to work in a hot, dusty, roaring, smelter... in the Arizona Desert... in the summer... at 120 degrees and the coolest thing around is the 110 degree shade? just to make copper you can only sell at a loss? Whooooowhee! Fun Baby!

Now that's something I never quite have understood. Having worked an open pit mine for a few years... how come Oil always sells at a profit... but copper most always sells at a loss? Seems like the guy producing it should set a price that pays his expenses... I mean... that's how we run our lil' store... and the oil barons run their show... What's the deal with copper? Maybe I'll just stick to horses and motorcycles... Those, I understand! ;)

The BLM has been trying I guess to do some conservation of the place, they rebuilt the roofs over the workers housing... but from what I can see from the graffiti broken fences, and bullet holes... the two legged vermin that frequent the place are winning that battle... and folks wonder why they get locked out of places and things get closed up...

Wish they'd just make an open season on the parasites... useless eaters as far as I'm concerned.

Well... we'd planned on sitting right here on through the Quartzsite RV show, and use the Raider to roll back and forth. But, now that it's laid up for a bit (till I can raid a bank and get the scooter to a tire shop) we're gonna move on back over to Plomosa Road today... so that the thirsty nature of the truck drains our fuel account a mite less...

That means... I better go get things ready to haul...

Ah... from the serenity of this spot... with maybe a half dozen rigs scattered around a section of ground... to the boom town personality of Q during the winter show...

On The Arizona Desert


Gaelyn said...

It's crazy around the big Q. No peace or quiet.

Be in town checking it out Thursday. Need some beads and wire plus just like to look.

Brian said...

Lucky me has to run to phx to a Dentist thurs. Around the area otherwise... Are you parked near Q ?

Paul said...

Get the Raider to a tire shop?! You don't mail order and change your own tires? Wazupwidat?!

Anonymous said...

Paul; yeah... Me motorcycle rider, no mechanicee! :) I do my oil changes and such, but truly, living on the road without a motorcycle lift/jack makes trying to change that back tire a royal pain in my sitting parts :)

Paul said...

"living on the road without a motorcycle lift/jack makes trying to change that back tire a royal pain in my sitting parts"

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4erfMe8NRC0 a big C-clamp to break the beads and a couple'a cheapo tire spoons.

At one time I even had a hose with a fitting that would replace a spark plug, to air it up. (They don't call Harleys air compressors for nothing!) Just turn off the fuel, hit the kill switch and crank for a few minutes.

I've misplaced that hose and fitting, though. Now, I've got me one o' those fancy Viair compressors offa amazon. Hell, I change my car, truck and RV tires by hand.

I can do a roadside patch in less time than it takes a service truck to come out and for a fraction of the cost, too.

drycreek said...

just read your latest book. Keep them coming. Read on a tablet the wife got me,didn't think i would like using it, but it's ok.

Brian said...

Drycreek; Thank you sir. Number three is in the works! I've been a bad cowboy... and playin' too much. I really need to buckle down and get my sorry self back to work!