Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Let There be Light... In More Ways Than One

First off, the Headlights that don't light... Light just fine... arrrrrggggghhhhhh.

How do you fix, what won't work... when it refuses to NOT work, when you go out to figure out what ain't working? I gotta see what's bad, to know what to fix... right? When I walked out first thing the next morning... not a bobble or a burp. Light up just fine... OK, one less thing to do. (I'm betting on a failing headlight switch Like Mike said... but... I'll just wait I guess till Ms. Cummins makes up her automotive mind)

Started the day off yesterday putting the truck on a rack to check out the 4wd front end. Had a bit of luck... sort of. The tires have been wearing poorly for a bit. I've been putting off that bit of maintenance, fixing other things from hitches to switches, fearing to be honest... another big repair bill...

Kinda like pull a project out of the jar and do it... and try not to see how full that dang jar is getting with other projects... all of which can sink the boat if they don't get took care of...

Sounds a lot like international politics don't it? ;)

... but there's only so many beans to do the work with... Yeah, you know the drill ;) many of you ride the same trail I do... Hand to mouth... and too many times when your hand gets to your mouth you find out some slippery bugger beat you there and your hand is empty!

So your teeth come together with a click ... on nuthin' but air!

Anyhoo... this time... though they warned me I'm starting to get a mite of "play" in things, the wear was still within the parameters to align it... so... I'll be suckin' it up and treating it tenderly, to try and squeeze a few more miles out of the parts that be.

Got Home to the Eagle from that rig maintenance chore and set to writing again for a bit... and BING! a little warning bell started making noises in my head. I was re-reading what I've toiled to figure out over the past couple of weeks...The thought that kept ringin'... I don't like it.

I tried to polish and tinker here and there for a bit... but alas, 'twas runnin' against the wind... that lil' bell just kept ding ding dingin'...

Frustrated, I picked up my jugs and filters and such and crawled under the truck, after zippin' a message off to Heidi, and went to work changing the motor oil.

When I got done with that, I had a return message from herself... which turned out to be one of those; Why didn't I think of that? epiphanies!

The message I'd sent told her of my frustration... and her reply; "Maybe you should put it aside and start on the sequel to "Pair"."

Ha! I thought; Oh right. That's just great... I already usually go six directions at once, so why not just send me off on number seven! Thanks. That's a big help!

Well... I sat havin' a cooling out soda while listening to my Ipod juke box and feelin' sorry for myself... Without planning on it, I commenced to absent minded daydreamin' about... just that... A Pair of Second Chances - The Sequel.

Next thing I know, I'm scribblin' notes as fast as I can doodle and the ideas are swirling like a storm...

and then... and then... and then... ;)  As I'm committing those inspirations to paper 'fore they're lost in the swirling kaleidoscope that's generally spinning between my ears...

... THE solution to my frustration with; "Heart of a Man" starts hollerin'... ME TOO! ME TOO!...

Off I went, again, scribbling outline notes as fast as my fingers could scribble... on a second page! So now, I'm poppin' back and forth twixt two stories... tryin' to get it all down 'fore the kaleidascope swapped me out for something completely different! (to steal a line from Monty Python)

I likely looked like some psycho Mad Scientist confined in a padded room of the state hospital... mumbling to himself and writing madly... wild eyed and gigglin'... 

I wonder... do they give you rubber pencils?

Yeah it's still a total restart, but, what came to me in a spasm of inspirational convulsatory cowboy brain storm... is the story I've been pondering at... and finally, like in the past... it just Popped on it's own... only this time... THEY popped... two in one day...

So though it sets me back... it puts me ahead! ;)

When your head is hurtin' from bangin' against the wall... back off a bit... and sometimes, the door you couldn't see 'cause your eyes were squeezed shut... will open up to you.

It's gonna be a busy winter!

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Sharlotte said...

Sure am glad the dam burst, and ideas started flowing around again. Can't imagine anything being worse than being in your shoes with nothing rumbling around in your head. LOL