Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rocky, Rain, Writing and Repairs

With fall comin' on quick we took a run up into the Rockies, to our old haunt, Rock Mountain National Park... and yeah... considerin' the temp was less than 45 degrees up there, with a strong wind, we took the truck.

Just inside the South gate a short ways the road turns up to Sprague and Bear Lakes. Neither of us feeling real ambitious, late on Friday afternoon, we thought the 1/2 mile walk around Sprague would fit about right.

Well, it seems some several other folks had the same notion. :)

Tickled me to see the most of 'em, diddy bop on down the lil' trail... right past...

*A Trio of Trout in the inflow stream of Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park*

Hmmm... :) ... Chemical Accident from a Big Bang? ... or ... the work of a "Cook" ? :) gonna have to wait and see ain't we?

*Sprague Lake Trout in Rocky Mountain National Park*

Well, the folks that walked right on by without seein', can't even ask the question.

The question I was askin' most though was; "Dang it's cold! How come that trailer ain't repaired and I'm not moving south following the thermometer?!!!"

*Mix wind with a mountain lake... and you get BRRRRRRR!*

Hoping to see some color... which is getting scarcer and scarcer in parts of the west where the Aspen has been run out by the pines, which are now falling to the beetle... we turned back toward Horsehoe park...

*Near the Rocky Mountain National Park South Gate*

We'd been told the color was peaking... hmmm... almost as much green as gold... I think the colors may be coming a lil' more stretched out this year, rather than in one big rush... Aw, either way the place still carries a beauty all its own...

*Horseshoe Park in Rocky Mountain National Park*

The next day, a storm come a thumpin' in here... I'm guessin' this spot is carryin' some snow about now... We got a half inch of rain down lower where we're waitin' the welder. Ankle deep mud... mmmm... time for this twister to be movin' south!

Our welder brought home a special tool this weekend to take some measurements for a "Special" Piece he's gonna bend up at the shop he works in... a bracing plate I guess you could call it... So, this next week we'll be movin' forward on that repair.

As soon as that's done, we've only got a baby shower to wait on... and puttin' our john henry's on some tax papers... then color my tattered behind South Bound!

My newest book, A Pair of Second Chances, is at the "Reviewers" now... all four of 'em. Me, I'm sittin' here squirming and restless. As impatient, as a schoolboy, waiting on his report card... anxious to get mine.

I do a lil' torquing on the formatting for the distributor, while I wait, but that computer "Stuff" makes my eyes cross, so I can only do a lil' of it at a time.

Time to Do a Few More Chores

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Box Canyon Blogger said...

Good luck on the repairs and the reviews. But don't take the reviews too seriously if they pan your work, it's the readers who count.

Brian said...

Thanks :) No worries. Everyone knows I'm the best thing since Shakespear! ;)

Walden Creek Steve said...

Grisham-- don"t look now but you have a Gore sneaking up on you!

Brian said...

yeah... and if I've got another several decades, I might could get there! ;)