Friday, October 7, 2011

Dogs, Spirit... and RV Boondocking...

This is one of those posts  that's kind of risky... and like Mark says sometimes at the Box Canyon Blog; "I may wake up tomorrow and regret it." :)

I know in our lil' store in town, Politics and "Religion" are strictly prohibited... :) but... a discussion that has to be censored, 'cause some folks can't talk nice 'bout sensitive issues and feel the need to shout down everyone around 'em with their own, undeniably superior thinkin' is wearisome to me.

They jump up to tell you that there's only one way to look at anything... and that way is THEIR way. and everyone else is wrong... so be quiet! Such doin's are so... arrogant that all I can do is laugh at 'em. I know, that's rude and arrogant of me... but... I never claimed perfection... Just... Close! ;)

People with such opinions of their thinkin'... is to me... kind of like... The captain of the Titanic tellin' people "I know how to Navigate a boat... Do as I say!" 

Now... pay attention here!... I'm not pushin' ANYTHING... just puttin' out what I think, hopin' maybe I'll stir folks to think a lil' bit on their own... A lil' more thinking, a lil' more discussion, a bit more consideration, and a lil' less pushin' of ideas wouldn't be a bad thing... would it? I repeat... what I say is ONLY what/how I think... and what you think, carries as much value... if not more.

Though... I'm purty sure, there's a number of folks who describe what I think as dementia... NOT thinking! ;)

The loss we had yesterday, brought up this consideration of such thoughts once again.

Some folks don't believe in an "afterlife"... or... the existence of a Spiritual world. Their belief is that what you see is what there is. That you come from nothing and to nothing you return.

I believe those folks are wrong.

But, my knowledge is pretty much the same as theirs. It isn't tangible fact that can be measured, with a tape or a scale. It is only an internal faith that I perceive the world around me correctly. All I can do is react to the world as I see it.

The people whom I disagree with don't know. They can't Prove their position... and you know what? Neither can I. All I have is my opinions, and my faith in my own perceptions.

So, what is my argument that there is more to Life than chemicals and dust? All I can say is... Reason.

By that, I mean there is a REASON, for Rain. It fits into the "System". It is required for the chemical reactions to support the biological electro-chemical processes of the world around us. It has purpose.

But. Consciousness? Self Awareness? Music? Art? Emotion? Anger? Love? Fear? Passion?  They serve no PURPOSE in a Universe in which a Spiritual World does not exist. In a world of just physics and chemical accidents... They have no use.

To ignite a log and produce fire, there is no use for music. For a tree to grow, fall over and decay, there is no need for fear. It is simply chemistry and biology.

Without the existence of a Spiritual Force... there is no purpose, no reason, for those Spiritual Things; Consciousness, Self Awareness, Music, Art, Compassion, Honor, Integrity, Emotion, Self Sacrifice, Anger, Love, Fear, Passion.

Things Without Purpose, do not exist.

Now, I'm talking Spiritual...not religion. Religion to me is simply politics spelled differently.

So... that's where my "Knowledge" comes from... I may not understand the Purpose.... BUT... I KNOW... they have purpose... that purpose exists.

Like I said, watching Skye pass on yesterday, turned me inward and wonderin'... once again.

Do I believe Dogs have a Spirit? I think... just myself... that is fairly obvious. You can see, looking into their eyes, they are somehow different than spiders and frogs. There is something intangible there. A frog in an Aquarium doesn't wiggle and jump when you've been gone for hours. It doesn't place its life between yours and danger. Its only reaction is to do the mechanical things to extend its physical life.

A Dog, to me, demonstrates its self awareness, in the way it reaches beyond itself... to defend others in the world around it. Others that it clearly demonstrates its Love for. Freak chemical accidents cannot Love. They cannot create music. They cannot conquer their fear and sacrifice themselves in the defense of others. An electrified chemical solution, doesn't know, it's an electrified chemical solution.

A Dog, is far more than a Dog. Life is more than simple laws of physics. That is how I think. You are welcome to, and the rightful owner of your own beliefs.

I suppose there are those that will call my odd thoughts some sort of Biological Racism... I wonder about it myself... one reason I don't step on bugs... that are outside of my house ;) or take or waste other life, without the actual need in my own. Vegetable, animal... the same. I don't waste it.

So... What the Devil does any of that got to do with RV Boondocking?

Well, for me... that's kind of what it's ALL about. - LIFE -Gettin' out where the Rig lets me live... is to be in that place where I can clearly see/feel the Spiritual part of this world. Wandering around in amongst the gyrations and agendas of all our man made confusions, the Spiritual world I'm speakin' of gets lost to me too easily.

I need the strength and power of Far Country, to keep my Vision clear.

So, I suppose maybe some folks will see me as putting jewelry on a hog... but it's truthful, I vow.

Kind of a goofy, weird old Twister huh? Yeah, well... sometimes I get Out There... But, not to worry... I've got plenty of folks keepin' track of my Meds! :)

Cowboy Philosophizin' on a Melancholy Day

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HoboJoe said...

I feel the same way dogs do on this issue. Don't care what your personal or political persuasions are, as long as you got a good heart. Just wish I could tell who's who as quickly as a dog can.

Brenda A. said...

I couldn't agree more. But would like to include cats and I suppose quite a few other critters. I can see and feel the spirit in a great many animals. And they make life all the more wonderful. :)

Don said...

I certainly don't agree with you about an afterlife but, like you, I don't have any experience to back up my idea! Now as to dogs (and even cats) being special, I certainly agree. In fact they may be higher on the tree of life than we are. They are certainly more honest & dependable.

Doc Holiday said...

Quote: "You just keep on thinking there Butch.... That's what your good at." Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Heather said...

Just finished reading 'A Big Little Life' by Dean Koontz. Not a novel, rather the story of how a dog changed his life. Has some of your same sentiments. You might enjoy it.
I agree with you, who are "they" to tell me how I am to feel.
Take care of yourself

Box Canyon Blogger said...

Don't regret a word of this post CowBoy... It's good when you get people to consider the Possibilities... and yes, the capital P is on Purpose.

JerryC said...

You nailed it my friend. Though I've never met you in person, and probably never will, I consider you a friend, as it seems your thoughts and words are the mirror image of mine in most things.

Ted said...

Just an observation for you to consider as you wax philosophical: 3.85 billion years ago a "freak chemical accident" gave rise to all things that exist, including Consciousness? Self Awareness? Music? Art? Emotion? Anger? Love? Fear? Passion? Isn't interesting how the things you call evidence of the Spiritual Force came from something you claim has no purpose for the Spiritual things.

Anonymous said...

Well written, Brian. I certainly agree with your thoughts. I can't even imagine "heaven" without the wonderful, faithful canine companions I have had over the years. It will be an awesome reunion, assuming I get there:)


Brian said...

Ted; only thing is... nothing started then. It's not like there was nothing, than an explosion and poof! Here we are

... and let's face it... that Explosion is still just theory. But what was before? It didn't create anything, just, re arranged it. What was there to explode if nothing existed before? Also, this whole humongous galaxy we exist in, is but like a grain of sand on the beach that is the Universe. So much to know, and so little human ability to know it or comprehend it.

None of us know. But there is something else for the "Scientist" to consider; IF, spirit is energy, isn't there some law that says something like energy can be neither created nor destroyed? So, it must have already been there... somewhere? The Big Bang created nothing.

Like... putting a cake in the oven... all the ingredients existed, Before the oven. Yet some lil' microbe could conceivably look back at that as the "Big Bang" beginning of its "Creation"... Uh Oh, there was a Cook! ;) Our comprehension of the Universe is akin to that lil' Microbe.

One thing that bothers me, is how those who don't believe, and they Own that Right, tend to focus the discussion on the believer... and not the belief.

Kind of the old; 'Kill the Messenger' sort of thing

They don't talk about, or consider the possibilities... They don't discuss the hows or whys of their belief, that the reality of the "Belief" cannot exist... only the foolishness of the person who holds that Belief. (ie. a creator force)

My real position is; The human race has the bad, and constantly repeated habit of deciding what's what, with a tiny fraction of the knowledge about anything. Chronically jumping to conclusions...

As time goes by, and the more we learn, the only thing we learn is that our increased knowledge only demonstrates that we know a smaller percentage of the whole. The more we know, the LESS we know. Because the horizon of knowledge moves away faster than we can learn.

So... in the end, we can wonder and learn and talk... but Never know... until the breath is taken from us... and we, up close and personal, see what happens.

That said, No One, has ever, or will ever, that I can conceive of, convince me I'm wrong. I'm pretty sure I've got it right... but then, I'm also not gonna tell anyone, my way is the only way... It's just the way that makes sense, to me.

And... I will never stop defending, as I have always done, a persons right to believe as THEY must... as long as they don't make some fool attempt to shove their beliefs down my throat.

Ted said...

Brian, I don't think you're perception is wrong nor do I think it is right. I, myself, don't really know what to think. I imagine that is the human quandary, as you put it "So... in the end, we can wonder and learn and talk... but Never know... until the breath is taken from us... and we, up close and personal, see what happens." I am certainly not trying to convince you that you are wrong when indeed you may be right. Without evidence to the contrary, it is hard to argue a feeling. So I put my personal feelings aside and enjoy the discussion whether I am on my side or not.

Ted said...

P.S. Just to be clear, I was referring to the origins of life on Earth 3.85 billion years ago and not the Big Bang, which theoretically occurred about 13.7 billion years ago. So with that in mind, I hope my comment about a freak chemical accident makes more sense. BTW, did you catch and eat one of those trout?

Brian said...

Ted; Now worries... and uh... actually, it was ME that threw that "Big Bang" in there... but... what's a few billion years?! ;) and no... I didn't catch any of those trout.

I'd started breakin' out my fishing gear...but everyone started squallin'... the police showed up... and they said they were gettin' tired of warnin' me that you CAN'T fish Lebanese style in Colorado!

You know... Lebanese style... Take a hand grenade, pull the pin and toss the... oh, you get the picture ;)