Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Took a short ride in the North Cascades.

220 miles is a short ride on a Motorcycle... ain't it?

Ok... make a plan... shoot holes in it... reload... make another plan... pffffffttttt!

So... the current plan is to just 'wait' where we are, pushing the envelope on how long you're allowed to park your butt in one camp, until after the Labor Day weekend.

Day before yesterday we climbed on the Raider and rode over the North Cascades Scenic Highway, from Twisp up over Washington Pass to Marblemount. 

*Climbing Washington Pass from the East*

We'd thought of moving to a camp that sits near Newhalem... so we scouted that. The camp is in such heavy, closed canopy timber, it's like parking inside a dungeon... it's got good signal! :) but... dang! It's so dark... No Sun!... a couple of days of that and it would get depressing... so... we'll stay in Loup Loup pass, till we run to Anacortes, and the "Sunny" coast! :)

*Lil' Art on top of the pass*
A good thing about where I've been camped, is that I've completed "A Pair of Second Chances"! WooHoo! and a HooYa!

'course now, comes the hard part. Editing and re-write... and manuscript formatting... ugggghhhh. But... if I keep my nose to the grindstone, I can have this puppy buttoned up and on the shelf by the early to mid October!

*In the North Cascades*

Posts will likely continue to be every few days... till then. Signal here is spotty... so I'm running a mile up the road to where I can ship these off... and you know me... I'm gettin' lazier and lazier...

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Joe said...

Congrats on the new book Brian! I like the cover too!