Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Riding For the Black Hills

The Raider is loaded up and I've only got a few more chores to do to be ready to leave.

The other two Riders making the ride are linking up today in Idaho. They should ride in here tomorrow.

I need to leave the Verizon air card here for Heidi to use... and I want to really make an effort to see if I can make this lil' Droid smart phone do the job. I'm taking the Acer to use on WiFi as a backup... but really hope to make the Droid do the posting job.

So... at this point I'm just sitting in the shade waitin' on the other "Old Guys".

Oh yeah... almost forgot... since I'll be on the bike... I'll be doing most if not all of my posting over on A Ribbon of Highway (My Motorcycle Blog) so... you can click on over there to see what's happening for the next week or so

Ready to put it in the Wind in Montana


Sharlotte said...

Be safe and have a great time. My daughter and SIL just bought them a Yamaha V Star, or at least I think that is what it is called. Mighty pretty Bike.

Joe said...

Have a fantastic ride brother Brian!
We'll be looking for updates on the Ribbon of
highway sight!