Sunday, July 17, 2011

Moving Back to a full RV Boondocking Camp Today...

 It's time to get back into the "Bush" again.

I parked the rig here, in Big Larch Campground to reduce the possible "issues" while I was gone on the ride.
Make sure there was water with easy availability and the Outhouses... in case of a problem... etc. Now the ride is done, and it's past the weekend, so it's time to get gone from here.

We've got ten days or so 'fore we'll need to take off for Colorado, so it's past time to get back fully Boondocked... and... having found a storage yard where we can safely park the rig while we're gone, we don't want to haul off too far from here either...

Just up the road a few miles from Seeley Lake, we located a National Forest Road... and a few hundred yards off the highway, is a nice little spot, down along the river that feeds out of Lake Alva and I believe down into Lake Inez.

It's got good sun, better then here. Since we haven't started the generator here... I'm guessing we won't need to there. :) fact is... I can't remember when I ran it last... Amazing how well just 270 watts of panels charges the battery bank...I'd originally planned twice that plus a bit.

It's a pretty rare occasion when the batteries have gone below 12.4 volts too... which according to my charts and figures is only about a 20% discharge... maybe a little more... Probably why we're well into I believe their fifth year.

Squeezing all the juice out of the orange I guess. :)

For working, I'd figured I'd need to run out every other day or so to fire off a post... as the signal up that way gets pretty spotty... but the phone actually worked down in there... so it just might turn out to be a 100%'er! We shall see...

Even if it had weak signal it would be a squared away camp if I had my antennae... still haven't found the replacement for the one I tore off the roof a few weeks back... Nowhere local has had one in stock, and I'm slow on "ordering" things I guess... I can use my rinky dink magnetic antennae that I used as primary for more then a year... and still have as a back up... so all is not lost :)

Time to get back to work... and a lot of work to do...


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