Friday, June 10, 2011

RV & Motorcycle Videos, Mountain Flowers... and Bein' seduced by the BLM!

Don't know if it's 'cause I'm gettin' lazy'er, or 'cause I seem to be gettin' some of my work done... or just 'cause this Mackay, Idaho country is such a pleasant spot to just set up for a while... but, we've decided to Cheat for a lil' bit, and just set right here in the Joe Fallini Campground a couple more days...

What can I say... the BLM, of all the Fed agencies, is pretty much the best at settin' up camps. Here we are on the banks of Mackay Reservoir... and in all this area, there's only, I think, 23 sites... Those are spaced out, oh, a 100'... there's water, outhouses, room to walk... and... with all the clouds lately :) ... shhhhh don't tell no one... power to keep the batteries juiced... at a price, cheaper then I can buy gas for the generator...

Not only do they seem to build the best camps... at $10 bucks a night... regular price... $14 if you plug in the juice... they're also generally the most reasonable... (just $9 bucks for us with the access card!)

Now... compare that with what the "RV" parks are gonna hit you for... and this right hyar is a freakin' bargain!... even for a Boondocker. :)

I talked to a gal the other day, she told me that a KOA out in Oregon tried to charge her $85 bucks... Huh? for a KOA?  I can rent a motel... with color TV, wifi, and an ice machine, for less then that! :)

So... anyhoo... sometime this weekend we'll start movin' again toward Hamilton... and a fresh tire on the Raider... I just can't provoke myself to hurry any... but that was the goal weren't it? :)

Now... a buddy of mine from the wilds of British Columbia was worryin' 'bout me... Said all the Flower Pictures was settin' him to fret a mite... :) I told him not to worry... the Raider still gets rolled... it's just that with the weather and the back rubber gettin' awful thin... I been holdin' back a lil'.

I did finally get over the obstacles to my videography effort in the last couple of days... another nice thing 'bout havin' the power here, while it was cloudy... let me really focus on fightin' through the technology... without havin' to worry 'bout battery power... Told you I was gettin' lazy'er!

Here's one of the Video Samples I got loaded yesterday... Still kinda rough... I've got a lot to learn, and some more equipment 'bugs' to work out... but... they're comin' along!

Now... after sittin' there... punchin' buttons for too long we went and took another looksee around the area... You know... if you really are offended by paying any camp fees... just back, twixt here at the Reservoir... and the Town of Mackay... is a couple of spots.

One just below the dam, "Mackay Dam"... and the other, "Big Lost River" another mile or so toward town... where you can pull, a fairly decent sized rig, if you take your time...

*Big Lost River, sportsmen's access*
 ...and set up for ten days, right along the river. "Big Lost River" even has a Forest service type outhouse set up... I'll be adding those to my camp list in the next couple days... leastways, I plan to! :) ... only drawback for me is... they're kinda shady. :)

Check with the forest svc. office in Mackay... she'll set you straight.

Just to keep things disjointed and a little rambling :) on another Looksee, back in Flaming Gorge... I remember thinkin'; maybe a guy shouldn't crawl so close to the edge... on windy days? :)
*First step is a BIG ONE... along Deep creek road in Flaming Gorge*
Now... back to yesterdays wanderings... what can I say... the flowers are just really startin' to pop around here... Sorry Kerry. :)

*Australian Shepherds don't know nuthin' 'bout the sound of music!*
 I should go get some more work done... or not...

Maybe... I should just go take a Walk in the Park!... or unload the scooter... and see if I can make another ride on that bald tire... without her blowin'! :) hmmmm.... where's that Murphy feller?.........

Settin' up for a bit... Courtesy of the BLM! :)

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Glenda Laine said...

Great job on your video. Good to hear your voice. Although your basic concept is GREAT, this old gal ain't getting on a motorcycle!! In my younger days, I'd definitely agree with being on a horse, but now I'm afraid if I didn't fall off & break something, I'd still be unable to walk for a week. LOL The only time I've experienced that sense of leaving your worries behind is sitting right up front in a small sailboat. . .just me, the wind, the sun, & the water. In the right conditions now though, just watching the leaves grow does a world of good too!

Joe said...

WOOHOO! Good job on the video Brian! That was good! It seemed like you were haulin in the video.
How fast were you going?
Man... I need to take a ride... Hearing your giggling on the road gets me all fired up!


Brian said...

Thanks Glenda!

Joe... I don't remember.. but... you can see the speedo if you look close. :) Most of it was around 55-60... uh... Alllmost legal! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice video. Now I'll be messed up when I read your blogs. I always unconsciously imagined you sounded like Sam Elliot and his voice would narrate for me. Gonna have to change that I suppose.

By the way, love shot do the Shepard in the flowers. You need to frame that one.

Anonymous said...

I thought you sound like a young Wilford Brimly. Probably didn't spell his name right. But you have his drawl. Might be that hair on your upper lip. :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice video, like the ride...know the feeling, got Prozac painted on the tank, the MC, is the only drug yea need.
From upper new York state

Anonymous said...

Noticed the biker wave, ain't we a friendly sort, cagers can learn from safe, enjoy life said...

In Mackay, love flowers. Would you like to see more up at Blaze Canyon or Bear Creek? The small one that looks like an eraser is Woolly Pod Milkvetch. Sharron and I take pictures of flowers all summer but yours are better than ours! Would be glad to tell you or show you how to find other great spots. Call 588-5885 or 588-2719 if interested in seeming more flowers. Sharon and Sharron