Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not Being on Vacation... I Sometimes Feel Obliged to Work!

Yeah I know... It's an ugly word for some folks :) but gimme a minute here... I'm talkin' WORK, not Job... there's a big differ'nce! :) and That difference... is what this way of Living makes room for... if you work it out right.

Now, doin' that Workin' Out... can take some Doin'! But if you keep yourself focused, you can get there.

That's the trick, keepin' your eyes on the prize. Life has a way of throwin' a lot of distractions and obstacles at you. Just keep ignoring the distractions, and sawin' up the obstacles, and you'll keep movin' along. Trust me.

So... what have I been up to? The last few days, my "Rambling Parts" have been rambling at a pretty high rate of speed, which has had me stackin' words much of the day. I've been averaging pretty near 3500 words a day on my newest story. Now, that's a fine thing, except, just stacking words, if you're not doing it carefully, you'll only end up with a disorganized dictionary.

I'm kinda prejudiced, but I think I'm doing kind of a nice job, so my excitement is building on it... which stimulates those Rambling parts some more... and... you get the picture... I sit there tappin' away for hours, 'cause I'm so anxious to find out what happens!

Before you know it, I've got a crick in my neck, my eyes are crossed, and pretty near the whole day is shot!

The benefit of all my "suffering" :) is;  "A Pair of Second Chances" (that's the current "working" title), is comin' right along!

Well, even when you're flyin' along through a story, sometimes you come to a part that needs to simmer for a bit, to come clear in your head. When that happens, there's nothin' like a walk in the mountains to help clear things out. Almost as good as rollin' the scooter.

Mid day, to give me a break, a herd of Elk that lives in the area wandered by above camp... Their condition seems pretty good, in spite of their low numbers... I don't believe I've ever seen as many sets of twins in a herd as I've seen this spring...

*Two pairs of Elk Twins on the Bitterroot*

Then, yesterday afternoon, climbed in the truck, to run a couple miles on up to the top of the mountain behind us, to walk from there... only... when we got there, the weather wasn't exactly the best to be walkin' around on top of a mountain in...

 So, we settled for, mostly, the drive up the mountain, what with lightning startin' to flash. Coming back down, there was another storm working, on off across the Valley of the Bitterroot...

* A Montana storm on the Bitterroot*
... and found some new flowers... and as always, no idea what you call 'em... but I'm not too concerned about that... They're just as fine to look at, whether you know 'em or not.

... and takin' those couple of breaks did its job for the "Story"... with the situation comin' clear, and the Ol' boy gettin' himself in and out of a couple of tight spots as I either walked... or drove along! :)

Even, went off on a tangent, when something else that's been "simmering" finally clicked... and the design for a New Photo Album arrived between my ears, where I've been impatiently waiting for it...

... and spent an hour or so, laying things out and cutting leather...

I was starting to get a lil' anxious... since the Wedding is at the end of July! and it does tend to take me a lil' while to get one built...

But now... with a "Plan" for this bit of custom leather bright and shiny in my head... I'm a lil' less distressed.

So... though some folks might not see me moving much, I do try to stay busy...

Keep on keepin' on folks, just remember... when you're full timin'... it don't mean you're on Vacation! :)

Not on Vacation in Montana

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