Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This Ol' Gypsy is One Confused Pup!

Got goin' late yesterday, what with the last of loading, and things having been moved all around... a bit of the time delay was in figuring out the last of the "New" homes for stuff.

Then... The weather was bad. Cold, raining and blowin'... but what else do you expect in the Rockies in the Springtime huh?

*Shiny spring weather along I-80 in Wyoming*
So we got goin' and rolled along until early evening, and settled... you got it... at Wal Mart, in the picturesque town of Rock Springs, Wyoming! Well known for it's wonderful ambience! :)

Now you might could ask; "Where's the confusion?"

Well... I'm walkin' back across the parking lot of a tire shop from STARBUCKS... through the drizzle and the breeze, other rigs scattered all over the lot... and noticed the grin on my face...

You got one Cowboy... Biker, who much prefers sunshine in empty country to anything "townie", standing at the counter of a Starbucks, in the resort? town of Rock Springs ??? ordering a Cafe' Americano in lousy weather and walking across a bustlin' parking lot in the drizzle... grinning like an idiot...

Why? 'Cause I'm FREE Baby! Hooya! which means... I can stuff all those parts that don't fit together, into one mixed up, Confused Cowboy... and keep ever'body else scratchin' their heads and askin'; "What the...?!!!!!" in the process.  :o)

How do you put it into words? A month of layin' up in one place and I get fidgety and feeling stale and partially asphyxiated... I've come to realize... I've felt that way for more years then I can count... Now, rollin' along... not knowing for certain sure where I'm goin'... and having no time I gotta get there... I feel NORMAL!

Fish were built to swim... Jewish Mommas were built to cook... Eagles were made to soar... and this Ol' Gypsy was tee total shaped to Wander... just took him too dang long to cut loose from all the grasping catch ropes of Soh-sigh-uh-tee! :)

But I'll tell you now... I might could crash and burn. It's still a thin string that's keepin' us keepin' on... but broke or not... It'll still be one hell of a Last Stand battle, to pull me off this Wanderin', Yonderin' Trail!

Grinning and Rolling in Wyoming


P.S. A Big Ol' Thorn in my Shorts... A note to SEVERAL RUDE DOG OWNERS!!! You know who ya'll are! If you're NOT going to clean up the Dog Poop... from your three gol' dang dogs... when you take 'em out in the grass that EVERYBODY ELSE walks in... take yourself... and your dogs... go home... and STAY THERE! I don't leave a collection of bio-waste in YOUR front yard... Don't be leavin' yours in MINE!!! I know wherefore I speak... We travel with two big dogs... and clean up EVERY DANG LUMP... JUST FREAKIN' DO IT!   and ever'body else? If you see somebody NOT cleaning up... Jump on 'em! Make it too uncomfortable for 'em not to! SHEESH!!!!!!

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Don said...

I'm with your comments about people who don't clean up after their dogs! We've got a dog and we clean up after her; why is it that some people think it's beneath them? I've got 6 or 8 bad words for them! The people with the ankle biters are the worst; apparently they figure little dog shit doesn't stink. Bah Humbug! It does, folks, it does.