Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just Another Day in the Life of an RV Boondocking Biker Cowboy...

So far so good...

The "Healing" continues... each day a bit improved... Comin' up on a week since the onset... so nobody 'round here is complainin'... and the 'puter is healed too!

Made another run down to Vernal yesterday. The primary reason was to have a guy chase some malware out of my laptop that I couldn't chase off no matter what I did. Near as I can tell, he was successful. Now, following the advice of several folks on here, as well as the Computer Bug guy in Vernal, I've added Malwarebytes and AVG to my Electronic Vermin Control... With three programs on the job, maybe One of them will find the crud in the future... BEFORE... it gets my BVD's knotted so tight they're cuttin' off circulation!

The secondary reason was a possible follow up visit to the People Doc. But, herself had improved enough by the early morning that we decided that pricey option was no longer a necessary thing... and her situation is much more improved today... so... my Cowboy medicine, of a "Walk in the Park" seems to have done the trick! :)

Today, in a lil' while we're gonna go re-scout that lil' park for a full dispersed, RV boondock camp we found up the road a few miles. The ground was too wet the other day... and we'd have likely cut things up pretty bad pullin' in there. I'm not real optomistic that it's improved enough, considerin' the rain and hail yesterday... but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Today is one of those Rare short posts... and there's chores that need attending to... with hauling water one of 'em... and the spigot here in Skull Creek is a few hundred feet away... so... I'll be gettin' my workout hoistin' those 5 gallon jugs from there to here...

So, I better get to it!

Just Soakin' up the Mountain Air

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Donna McNicol said...

Good to see everyone/everything is doing better! BTW, linked to your book at Amazon in yesterday's blog. Hope it gets you a few more sales.

Gaelyn said...

Sure glad everybody's feeling better.

the world around us said...

I see that you are having some of the same problems that I have had in the past. I was suggested a program that seems to look after all of the problems that you are being "bugged" by. It is Advanced System Care and is found on the website Iobits.com. It will do a scan of your system and clean it up nicely. At one time my computer told me that I didn't have a USB drive but it did so there was a bug in my registry and the ASC found it and cleared it up.
They have just updated to a version 4 and it seems to be even better than the earlier versions.
This is my suggestion and you can think on it.
Wilf Blakey
Kirkland Lake,Ontario

Brian said...

Thanks Froggi! I'll let you know :)

Gaelyn; She couldn't have been much worse... or y'all would be sending flowers :)

Wilf; Thanks, I'll check it out