Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Official... I'm Getting Old...

:o) I wasn't gonna write on here this morning... planned on saving it 'till we got back from today's circle... buuuuuuuut... got up this morning, and the temp had fell to 28 or maybe less last night, with frost on the cover over the Raider.

So... I worked for a bit on my Writing blog (BK Gore) announcing the continuing development of my next great Novel! :o) ... and watching the thermometer... which has now slowly climbed up to 40 degrees.

There was a time... not so very long ago... that at 28 degrees I'd not hesitate to go climb on the scooter... Now I say... "Weellllllllll... maybe juuuuust one more cup of coffee, while I give it a lil' time to warm up some more!" :)

Then... to complicate issues... the propane valve hung up just after I got up and the propane tank in use ran dry. So... it took me 10 minutes to get the frozen sucker freed up to allow the fresh bottle to flow it's warming fluid through to the furnace...

Well... that meant I had some more time to use... so here I am!

Oh yeah... been having quite a few new neighbors movin' in lately...

*Some Arizona Gals*

*Native Arizonans*
*Guess they were just passin' through*
*Germans aren't the only ones with Beetles!*

Just as soon as the sun raises things sufficient we're gonna head off for Chino Valley, Jerome and Sedona. Looks like we'll just reverse and come back the same way too... The weatherman is calculating high wind in Flagstaff the last time we looked at the weather report... so we'll wimp out on that too!

So... that makes it official... 28 degrees and he begs off riding for a while... duckin' a lil' wind... the Ol' Buster is gettin' Old!

Waitin' on Sunnier Slopes

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Judy said...

Your slipping there! Somebody is going to start thinking you are a normal average Joe instead of a cowboy-biker. LOL

Mike said...

I got my first ride of the year on Wednesday! The snow and ice finally melted off the gravel and the mud dried to plastic like consistency so I was able to make out to the pavement. The temp was only 45, but who cares when the last ride was back in October. Still lots of snow here, but its melting and the creek is now running. Saw our first Mountain Blue Birds today so Spring is really here!

Debbie Goode said...

You are not getting old....just wiser!