Sunday, February 6, 2011

What's Desert Dust Got to Do With Alaska?

Well... Nuthin' that I can think of! But then... lots of folks spend considerable time... wonderin' 'bout the way I think... :o)

Here's a picture... just so the folks, dealin' with thawin' out their thermometers in the microwave, so they can find out how far past painful the temperature has plummeted, know that it ain't all roses out here on the 73 degree desert... well, unless it's a Dusty Rose!

Yesterday morning I got up... and glanced out the window to see, what looked like a fog, crawling across the desert. My first thought was; "Hmmm... I ain't even ever seen a fog like that'n. Not out here where it ain't rained since Custer got a haircut."

I stepped outside, to take a better look... and that's when I found I could hear the motors roaring... from miles away...

It seems that every year 'bout now there's some big race across the desert...

*Desert Dust Crawling across the Landscape*

I watched that dust slowly comin' on for a while, thinkin'... aw, this is gonna be just real pleasant... but as luck would have it... a soft breeze came up out of the south... and actually pushed the cloud back a mite... so it stayed a gift to the folks North of Hwy 72.

I made a lil' circle in to Parker to run a few errands a couple hours later... and the dust cloud ran clear over to the river... didn't investigate the race none... but it sure looked like it runs a good many miles across the desert... 'cause these pictures are clean over to Bouse... 25 miles or so east... one big honkin' cloud of dust! :o)

But then I won't complain... today it was back to normal... Looking off to the North...

*Yesterday Morning*


I'll keep today... and though it's tough... I'll suffer along with the 73 degrees. :o)

Especially with another soft sunrise this morning...

*another La Paz County Sunrise*

... Nice way to start a day... good coffee... great music on the stereo... space enough to stretch out... and tallyin' up a budget when you haven't paid any rent since Thanksgiving! We're actually goin' broke... a lot slower! HooYa!

Leads a guy to make a What-the-Hell decision... 'bout what we're gonna do this summer... Since it looks like fuel, food and every other thing is only gonna keep on swellin' up like a beached whale in July... we might just as well be poor, somewhere on the Alaskan Highway... come July! ...

So... we've pretty much made that decision... "If a tree don't fall on me I'll live till I die" ... and long about the 15th of May... Whatever we're still draggin' around will find it's rubber foundation bein' drug toward the Alaskan Highway! ... We'll call this run... ALASKA II

How are we gonna afford it? Hell... I ain't got a clue... just drive till we run out of diesel... and then wait for a book to sell I guess! :o)

Whatever... it'll be just as easy waitin' on a book to sell, so I can trade for some diesel... in Far Country, up in the Yukon... as down here... don't ya think? :o)

Our Idea is, this time... it'll be a lot slower run than my month long run last summer... spread the miles out over maybe four months... and the fuel bill comes closer to squeezin' into the cash flow of our budget... but... just the same... it's gonna get interesting. :o)

Talk 'bout pokin' the Badger... some guys just can't leave well enough alone.

Yeah... some say I'm foot loose... and a few screws too!

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Donna McNicol said...

I think summer of 2012 will be our year, if not then definitely 2013. This summer is already booked...LOL!

Gaelyn said...

I think a slow journey to AK sounds divine. I'll have to wait a few years and work a winter to play a summer. Hey, who needs money anyway. You'll make it happen.

Sharlotte said...

Hey my friend, I am throwing my screws in the bucket with yours. We are gonna take that 3 month circle trip out to see our daughter in Washington. Gonna see the Grand Canyon, London Bridge, Sequoias, Yosemite, Redwoods, Crater Lake, Oregon Coast, Mt. Rainier, visit with daughter, Glacier, Yellowstone, Tetons, and then on home. Figured if we didn't do it this year, it probably won't be done. Age is creeping up on us. Only planning to travel between 250-300 miles on the days we travel. We will be leaving here around May 1.

going serene said...

Thanks Brian. I just finished your whole blog and did enjoy it. I am about to start my epic rv journey. With an old PowerStroke, slightly newer Harley, two furkids, a toy-hauler and me. I have just started cleaning out my treasures (junk) and have my head on right. Uhhh....I listen to The Boss, too.
Michael "Drifter"

1 More Mile! said...

Brian, that race was the Parker 400. It's been a mainstay of Parker for 40+ years. The laps are about 100 miles long and of course, there are 4 laps.

You would have liked to see the machines, the technology is fantastic.

Alaska is on our list for the summer of 2012 as well.