Friday, December 10, 2010

Little Boys and Their Toys... or the Creation of a Fifth Wheel Cargo Rack

What is it, about males and machinery?

Did you ever see the kid on Christmas Day? He gets a brand new bicycle?... and by the end of the day he's got it in pieces?

Momma asks; "Why'd you have to take it apart?"... Kid, sittin't there in the center of a bunch of parts, looks back up at her with a dumb look; "I dunno!" :o)

Slick wasn't hardly down the road... and we went to work. I'd spent the morning building a couple pages for the Motorcycle Site... and needed a "physical" break from button punching... so I went out and started unbolting a few pieces and parts of the Cowboy II motorcycle carrier I've spent so much time evolving...

Sheesh! :o) ... that's like opening a bag of M&M's and sayin'; "I'll just eat a couple" ... Yeah... sure you will! 'fore I knew it... the carrier was gone... and we were cuttin' and hangin' steel!...

*Another Evolution of the 'rack' on the tail of the Fiver*
We're parked way out back at my sisters place... makes for some privacy... and also puts the Eagle, right next to the shop... hmmm... ain't that convenient!

Amazing how long it takes to put the pieces on... and how fast a fella with an angle grinder and a cutting wheel, can take 'em off.

Now...we're schemin' an' cipherin'... and calculatin'... how and where... this an' that... are gonna fit.

With the V Star gone, there's no need for a motorcycle carrier on the Fiver... since the Raider is just too big a scooter... to ride back there. I might could get away with it... but... even with my risky way of doin' some things... even I can't get comfortable with that idea... SO... that Motorcycle carrier is gone, and in it's place we're constructing a Fifth Wheel Cargo Rack.

The new Champion Generator, the Aluminum Cargo Box  the and leveler pad box... for sure... and maybe something or two else will come off the truck and go back there, all neat and clean... and that's gonna open up, and clean up the truck bed... which is a good thing... Suh-Wheet!...

We've got a welder borrowed... or at least promised... I'm hopin' to burn the steel before we take off for Denver... if not... we'll buzz it in as soon as we get back...  

 Got some rewiring to do of lights and such, but basically it'll be a good deal. a little better security for the generator... being securely bolted in place rather than just a locking cable... We'll likely weld the bolts once it's bolted down... That'll slow down the weaker thieves... There's a Winchester handy that's good for the more dedicated parasites! ;o)

I've got some more Layin' Out to do... before we go startin' fires... so I'll get to it.

Burning Daylight... and Steel, Down on the Desert

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