Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lightening the Load... Unexpectedly Easily...

Losing some weight, fits into our long range plan to get smaller... And since "Riding her own" just didn't prove out as a strong enough attraction for Heidi. We'd decided to shed 500+ lbs of fine motorcycle, by selling the V Star. I thought maybe we could get it done, before we leave for Denver... Had no notion, that selling that Motorcycle would take a little less than 3 hours!

*Slick the V Star, all shined up and ready to go*
 The Craigslist ad went up 'bout 2:30 yesterday... got the first call about 20 minutes later! ... the second call shortly after that... the first guy didn't show... the second did, just before five... and he was pulling a motorcycle trailer!

Now that gives a seller the idea that just maybe, this guy is serious. 

By a quarter after five the deal was done... the cash was in my pocket... the title in his... and by 5:30 the bike was loaded, and Slick was rollin' away down the road... on somebody else's trailer.

It's a strange deal. Most people will look at a guy who says such things as I'm about to... and then look at their friends, roll their eyes, and spin their finger in a circle on the side of their head... :o) but... that don't change the reality for a buster like me... it's a sad thing to sell a Horse... or a Motorcycle.

Now, I'm pretty sure nobody would say much if I said I was selling a horse I'd had for some little while. People seem to understand feelings about critters... everybody having so many dogs and such...

But... gettin' all melancholy over a motorcycle?... what? Did they change my Meds or something? :o)

I know, they're just a clever combination of bolts, and rubber and aluminum castings... they aren't alive... but ... that right there is the point that guys like me argue about... It's part of that "If I have to explain, you won't understand", Old Saying in the Biker world, when folks ask "Why do you ride?"

The thing is... when you have something that strikes so deep inside you... You find it hard to believe that there isn't Something else there; That it isn't more than just metal and rubber.

When you cover so many fine miles... on a machine that instills such a feeling of Freedom and "Wholeness" in your life... When something has the power, when everything around you is in turmoil... to calm your spirit... for that time you're able to twist the throttle and roll... It's just not credible to a fella like me to believe that there isn't something more, something others can't see... something living and breathing... inside that metal and rubber machine.

Aw well... I've still got the Raider... and She ain't goin' No Where!!! :o) and yeah... I'll go see about those meds.

Hugging the Motorcycle I have left...


Cindy Kingma said...

I understand that feeling completely, Brian. I have the same outlook about my truck. Craigslist Rocks! Have had many good experiences, both in selling and buying.

Sharlotte said...

Sorry for you getting rid of Slick, but agree, it is too hard to ride both motorcycles, and if Herself would rather go back seat driver, then more power to her. I would probably roll the same way. Since I didn't see you on the news, I am assuming you lived through the PROPANE filling LOL. What could you be planning for the carrier--ah bicycles, or big crate for hauling "stuff", or could you possibly be thinking of leather tooling???? Nosey me wants to know.

Brian said...

Thanks Cindy...

Sharlotte... you one of those "southern Gals"... with the "Gift"? :o) I'm looking at moving the new generator, along with the cargo box... and a few other bits of cargo... to a clean and convenient setup on the tail... so... I better go get my self to work on it!

Myrddin said...

I know just how you feel about that bike.

My old Harley took me through a divorce and a whole lot of other troubled times.

I had to get my son to sell it for me when I needed some cash. Couldn't make myself watch it leave with someone else.

Many people don't understand how attached you can get to a bike.