Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Elk Hunters in Arizona... They Win Some... They Lose Some...

Judging by the Elk camps, ATV's and Pickups cruising the back roads on the Kaibab, it's Hunting Season, still, in Arizona.

I've always wondered... when you're rattling around on a fire engine red ATV... that a deaf man can hear coming for 600 yards... Or rumbling around, road hunting, in your big Ol' diesel Powerstroke... Why... bother spending a couple hundred bucks... for all that Camouflage Clothing? :o) I mean... they don't REALLY think they're hiding... Do They?

hee hee hee... Sorry... They just make me giggle!

Really... a lot of these guys crack me up.When you watch 'em walk it's pretty clear they seldom get more than 40' from the seat of a pickup... the only walking they do is when they haul another six pack out of the Safeway! :o)

OK... I'll be nice...

So... we're off on our walk yesterday... and we Did go something over 40 feet... I'd guess, by the time we made the circle... better than 7 miles. Not too bad for an army cripp.

Now... just to keep it honest... we'll walk a ways... but that 7 miles gets done in likely twice or better the time it would take Mark and Bobbie! :o)

That... and the fact that the trails we usually follow go this way ______ and the trails Mark and Bobbie run are usually about 90 degrees different... know what I mean? :o) Yup... They're HIKERS...we're... uh... Strollers! :o)

anyhoo... we'd only strolled a mile or so... and found ourselves following the trail of what I took to be a Bull...

 He was walking himself down the same road we were following, through the Junipers across the Arizona range. Now, while we were enjoying the sunshine... my guess? He came along in the early morning dark.

So... what's the big deal... nothing special about Elk tracks in the Arizona mountains...

Well... have you ever seen one of those cartoon type paintings of the Elk Hunter? He sits sleeping against a log after eating his lunch on the mountain?... while a couple of "Royals" (BIG Bull elk) walk across the park, 30 feet behind him? :o)

These tracks gave me kind of a flavor of one of those paintings...

See the Elk Camp... behind where Heidi is pointing at the location of our nice fresh Track? :o)

I loved it... those hunters have been burning gallons of gas on their ATV's... peering off into the Junipers...

The only thing funnier, to me.. is when one of the brazen buggers walks right in, and there, surrounded by all those sleeping, great white hunters... leaves a nice fresh, steaming, Pile... right in the middle of camp! :o) LOL!!!!

Sorrrrrrrry.... I guess I'm bein' a lil' sacrilegious... Not a very good Redneck, am I? :o) Sometimes, I just can't help myself... Bad Cowboy! No Beer!

Makes for a good chuckle though... on a shiny day in the far country of Arizona.

*Arizona Prickly Pear... Arizona Flowers?*

*Backroading the other day in Arizona*
Ya know... only a guy like me goes 4 wheeling/back roading... with a Yamaha Raider in the back! :o)

*Ho Hum... Another Arizona Sunset*
It's cool, but the sun is shining and there's a story awaiting more tap tap tapping... a few more walks before we move on to Phoenix...

On the Arizona Range

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Anonymous said...

SLOW is good! Gives you time to enjoy exactly where you are. What's the rush? I think it is a blessing your budget slowed you down a notch!

I could stay in your camp for weeks. It is gorgeous. You feel God's earth talking to you.

Keep those pictures coming. :-)

chuc and ann