Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Differences of Opinion are Fine and Good...

And sometimes hearing someone else's point of view... helps clear up a mite of confusion in your own head... 'course being the self declared philosophizin' giant and genuine western hero that I am... I've seldom been known to admit to error or confusion... :o) ... ahem.... right...

The post I made yesterday brought a few comments that are due some sort of a response from the guy who wrote the post... don't you think? Considering the time of year... it's appropriate too... to consider all we've got... all we don't... and what really matters...

Now... before I get to that... there's something that needs saying... Lloyd and Shadowmoss are folks that seem to have a philosophy of "Balance", and that's something that gets lost... a lot...

Saving for the Future, is a good thing... a responsible thing... but NOT... if it totally consumes TODAY!

There has got to be some balance. You've got to enjoy the livin' of Today along with your saving... or it won't matter what you've saved up for tomorrow. What's the use of having a whole lot of "Stuff" saved up... if doing that saving, rendered you an angry, sour, bitter Ol' geezer... who hates everything and ever'body... Including the dollars you stacked up?!!!

So... think of Tomorrow... but don't Sacrifice the Living of Today in the process.

Now... on to a lil' more Cowboy Philosophizin'... and a lil' Corporate Chastizing!

Ernie told us how he, pretty much forced by his employer (said he wanted to keep his job) invested in the stock of his company... and now... 50 years later, is living pretty well as a result... and I'm sure glad for him... Lucky man.

But, I'm pretty darn sure that if you told the employees of Enron, Qwest, several Wall Street Outfits and a whole host of other Large Corporations that they should invest in the corporation they work for... they'd either take a swing at you... just laugh... or cry.

While I agree, that if you want to take off on the full time road, like I and thousands of other are doing... You Have Got to Plan for That future... I am NOT the guy that's gonna tell you to do it by investing in ANY corporation.

If you've read my gas for any length of time... you know I've got a fairly different opinion 'bout what I'd do... if it were my choice... and guess what? I'm, for the most part... doin' what I've opined is the way to go.

In the last four years or so, I have been dis-employed for exercising loyalty to my co-workers, raped of the legitimate, cost-of-construction value of my home and had our business heavily, negatively, impacted by the economic crisis imposed on us all.

And who was the culprit guilty of inflicting my whuppin'?  yup... you guessed it... Large, Corrupt, Corporations... all protected and supported by... uh oh... Large, Corrupt... Government! ... It's starting to sound like a pattern don't it? :o)

The only thing that protected us and what income we have left, is that our businesses are controlled, as much as can be in this world... by us. We are no longer at the mercy of employers who require you, at the cost of your honor... or the cost of your job if you fail... to dance to their tune and live and serve as indentured servants.

It is true that we've little cash in the bank, thanks to the whuppin' we've taken from those corrupt outfits I spoke of.

What we do have, is a source of ongoing income, from enterprises that we own; the little store we built in Colorado along with my websites and writing efforts. Our income is produced pretty much as we need it, and truthfully? I feel more secure in that, then I ever would... with cash in some investment controlled by... some... Large... Corporation... where I stand a pretty good chance these days, of either losing it to another Scheming Corporate Officer... or waiting to see if he's going to jail for it... or both!

In our own, personal, $$$ situation, what we had control of (our retail store) continues to provide for us, damaged by the actions of others, but adjusting and still goin'... what the Corporations had their claws deeper  into, Our House and its value in the market they control... is pfffffftttttttt! Through no fault of our own. (other than misplacing trust in corporations).

So... it's your choice... your option. Put your money into the hands of a Trustworthy? Corporation... or... Invest in Yourself.

Me... I'll keep on goin' down the road I picked.

Not Always the Right choices... but... They're Mine! :o)

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Anonymous said...

You have it right. I'll take small businesses over the big monsters any day.

Cindy Kingma said...

I like your philosophy alot. And alot of people out there in those Big Corporations would agree. Alot are scared of backing away from that "chicken in the pot" for something less guaranteed. But those with courage, like yourself, put a different value on a'less is more' and will be happier for it than they ultimately will. My opinion.

Ad said...

At 63 I have always put my family and today above all else. I lost a 17 year old son 20 years ago and was able to tell my remaining 2 sons that my wife and I had never worried about retirement or the future above having them be able to experience as much as possible "today". Planning for the future has value but never at the cost of "today".


PJC said...

Corporate failure is something to expect to some degree. Those that invest and are employed by same consider some risk.

On the other hand, there are 100 major US cities that are set to default on the pension plans of their retirees. Many of these people retired in their late 50's and early 60's at near or full pay. This is totally unsustainable and the surprise will be on these folks that have little recourse to the impending loss of retirement income.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian,
Guess my comment stirred up the troops. Here is more info than you want to know.... :)

I left that big corp ... actually IBM... after about 5 yrs and went to a smaller corp.

The main point I wanted to express was the idea of saving 10% of your net pay all your life and putting it into a diversified stock fund with low expenses. Mine was TIAA-CREF.

The 2nd corp had an IRA plan. We could put $$$ in and they matched up to 5% each yr. In 20 yrs I put in about 125K and they put in 50K. Amounts varied over the yrs.

At the high point of the stock mkt I had over 1Mill. It dropped to 655K and has now come back to over 1 Mill.

I also had my own “little business” .... started in 1975 “on the side” with just $800. Sold it off about 1995 and was paid 50K a year for 14 years.

We all live different lives and cannot go back and start over. My main point is “regardless of what you do or where you work, put 10% of your net pay into some diversified retirement vessel, preferably the US stock market, and you will be able to retire comfortably ---- likely sooner than you think.” Ernie

Brian said...

Ernie; "stirring up the troops" is a good thing! :o) and I'm hopin' you didn't take anything I've said as any sort of criticism... I mean... saving some % is kind of like having a fire extinguisher close to hand in an RV... Good Advice and Good Insurance! :o)

This conversation, right here, is THE thing that makes this site shine for me.

That we can have a civil, and friendly talk about things that can get a lil' emotional is a GOOD thing!

like you said, "we all live different lives"... we all make our choices along the way the best we can...

We each line up our priorities differently and are confronted by different obstacles along the way...

But... trading ideas and perspectives in a place like this... is awesome!

Sometimes... if you spent a good part of your life as an $800 a month Cowboy... there ain't much left at the end of the day to pull 1% out of... let alone 10% :o) ... but you do the best you can... and hope your judgments along the way are mostly good...

and some, Like William, get their priorities colored by the events of life... not a bad thing... or good really... just, How it is.

So... we share our experiences... learn what we can... try to avoid denigrating the rightful opinions of others...

...and welcome our friends to the fire!