Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Two steps forward ... two an' a Half Back

So... we took off to do a lil' California Backroading... and got maybe five or six miles... up a one lane, purty lil' road... when we started hearing noises you really Don't want to hear...

So... only thing we could do was plug Les Schwab into her smart phone and hope for the best.

Turned out the best was new rotors on the front end. And that comes up nigh on to triple what the two tires gone bad set us back.

Only had to sit with the dogs in a tire shop for four hours too! :-)

There are ... some... parts of RVing that don't get any better than living in sticks and bricks.

At least we can stop now... if we can still afford the diesel to keep moving!  :-)

Take good care

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