Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Thoughts

Just finished our Thanksgiving Day meal... and got to wondering; How many people actually, on this day, contemplate their good fortune?

 On this day of family, fine meals, cold beer and football, just how many truly think about how blessed they are, and from where their good fortune is derived.

I'm sure the pacifists will claim it comes from their gentle ways. The Journalist, from his fine philosophies, and the Farmer, of course, it's the fruit of his bountiful harvest.

From where I stand, they're all wrong.

It comes from the Truth, and Reality that somewhere, sometime... another fought, and suffered, and died... to create and preserve the environment in which their pacifism, and free speech and fine farming... could exist.

Somewhere today, they suffer and die... for... US...

Men and Women... like my Friend, SSGT Eric Zwetzig, "Z", now serving in one of the Hell holes to which we send our finest.

On this day I think of what it's like to be in such a place... far from home and family. In an evil, cruel place. Wanting only... to go home.

May God Bless him, and keep him... and all the others like Z., and bring them home... so we can, one day, have a truly Wondrous, Thanks Giving.

So... on this day... I ask... you to remember our Vets, Living and Dead, active duty and retired... and remember what has been said about them; "A Vet is a person, who at some point in their lives. wrote a blank check, payable to the United States of America, for any amount, up to and including... Their lives."

Give Thanks, to all those... who suffered so much... to give us... So Much.

Take Good Care "Z"
... and come Home.


Myrddin said...

Excellent post, Brian. It made me stop and think.


Unknown said...

Thanks Brian.