Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wally Docking in Ogden

Left the country around Moab yesterday morning figuring to go maybe 150 miles... well uh... went maybe a hundred farther... deciding I wanted to get through Salt Lake... fact is... there just ain't much in that stretch to hold even, my, attention...

I gotta say... that country of central Utah is... Dry. It's a tough land out there... and this is comin' from a kid raised on the desert... and feelin' at home in the desert... but, that part of the west is... well... let's just say that when even the chiggers are skinny... It's Hard Country!

So... we rolled on a bit farther and for all the hard core's out there... actually spent our first free night, courtesy of Walmart! ;o) ... 'course, just like Wally World figures... it wadn't free... left a few dollars in the till.

For the next few days we're gonna work our way toward Pendleton and the Columbia River... We've tinkered with the idea of farther North... maybe as far as Port Angeles. Really tempting the weather gods... but... I think it's more likely we'll follow down along the Columbia to the coast...

Even there, we have to make a decision... North side, in Washington?... or South side in Oregon? Sheesh! Why can't it just be easy?

Anyhoo... it's still Northwest for a lil' bit... at least the next couple of days... and maybe, with a lil' luck, we'll get back into a lil' more photogenic geography.

Rolling Northwest to Tease the Weather Gods

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Trailer Trouts Tales said...

Just a heads up! I live up here in Bremerton, Washington, and the word around is that this is going to be a rough winter. Obviously, we won't know until we get there, but I thought you might like to take that into consideration.

NOLA's Lost Son said...

Agreed, it's already getting as cold in regon now as it was last dec. That said, there's not a lot fo difference in which side of the river except the following as of a few months ago: Wash side is less built up around the river, you have more thick woods around the coast line, but once you get south of Astoria, the same is true for a lot of the area on the Or side as well. One thing about Oregon though is no sales tax, so your store runs are best done in Oregon unless you see an extremely good sale on the Wash side, as you'll not have the sales tax on what you buy in Or. Also, you can't pump your own gas here, took me a year to get used to that fact, lol.

Have a safe trip and enjoy the view. That's a beautiful trip through the mountains and along the gorge.


Sharlotte said...

Yes got the pic now together home where I can have it enlarged. Hope u and Heidi have a great tome wherever u go. Thanks for it

John and Judy said...

Sitting up in Port Townsend right now. Here for another week before we start wanderin southeast. Weather has been nicer in October than September. Nights are cool. Will look you up if you make it here before we leave. Safe travels.